Benefit from happier customers, increased capacity and lower costs with a fully managed service

Immediate resolution 24/7, +130 languages, with over 90% accuracy. Whether you have bespoke requirements or just want all the hassle taken care of our team can support you from brief to launch and set you up for success.

From business case to technical implementation – we’ve got you covered

It’s time to upgrade the chatbots

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Procurement, compliance, set up, deployment on your website, plus on going support and maintenance.
We take care of everything.

If you want an AI assistant to cut call volumes, automate lead generation, increase customer loyalty, or be part of a wider digital transformation, it’s never been easier to create one, or we can do some or all of the work for you. We integrate LLM’s like GPT safely so you can benefit from cutting edge technology and we take care of the security.

Help your customers across multiple digital channels, 24 hours a day. Using an AI assistant to solve problems instantly and improve their experience, whatever part of the customer journey they’re on. 83% of customers who use the AI assistant we created for Legal & General Insurance now turn to it first for help when they need to make contact.

What our clients say

Our customers benefit from amazing savings and immediate results. Take a look for yourself.

Case studies

“We knew we couldn’t stay the same; we had to evolve. We were looking for a partner with the capability to develop what is still a relatively new product. EBI.AI had the technical capability and we had complete trust and confidence in how they would treat the project.”
Christian Armstrong
DIRECTOR OF Brand, product & technology
“We couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution”
John Branigan, Director of IT & Transformation at Mytime Active
John Branigan

Providing AI powered customer assistants to over 7,000 global businesses

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How it works

Tell us the problem

What holds your business back from becoming more efficient, more engaged with your customers, or from increasing your profits? That’s where we come in. You bring the spirit of your brand, we bring 20+ years of experience.

What problems do you have?

Work through ideas

On our platform, your AI assistant automatically has natural language processing (NLP). That makes it smart enough to detect subtleties in the things people say, ready to solve complex problems, so don’t hold back on ideas!

Your AI assistant uses NLP to really understand what your customers need.

Launch fast and aim high

Keeping a human in the loop, our team of language specialists and analysts review the conversations your AI assistant has with your customers (personal information is removed) to quickly uncover their needs and grow your AI assistant.

Success with an EBI.AI AI assistant

Perfect your AI assistant

Speaking with your customers 24/7, your AI assistant is first to know where your systems, processes and products can be improved. We’ll integrate with your business systems so your AI assistant can take on more and more complex tasks over time.

Your AI assistant will help identify where your systems, processes and products can be improved.

Every feature you need for success is included in our platform

Every AI assistant is different because every business is different. On our platform, you can have an advanced AI assistant show up anywhere you want it to, with or without live chat, speaking in any language, and much more, all tailored to your exact need. Let’s talk through some ideas.

Grow your AI assistant over time

You don’t want a basic chatbot with limited capability ― those times are gone. We develop advanced AI assistants that can change and adapt with your business the more it grows. We can also include it as part of a wider digital transformation project, drawing on our significant history in data engineering to help with things like:

  • Integrating with legacy systems you can’t or don’t want to shelve
  • Adding a data warehouse or staging area for better responses across systems
  • Creating a customer data platform to personalise customer experiences
  • Adding machine learning or other AI services to give your AI assistant more skills, like counting footfall in store or at events

Don’t worry about the onboarding process

We’ve got everything you need to get through complex security and compliance checks, even if you work in a highly regulated industry. You’ll find more on that here.

We can’t wait to see what you’re working on!