Intercom vs EBI.AI

Leveraging the potential of AI assistants will revolutionise your customer service operations, so it’s vital you invest in a solution that matches your business goals. This page compares EBI.AI’s technology to Intercom’s to help you make the evaluation process straight forward.

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What does EBI.AI do?

EBI.AI creates AI assistants, with up to 99% accuracy for organisations of all sizes. We are on a mission to democratise AI and in doing so our pricing is fair for enterprises of all sizes from start-ups to the world’s biggest brands. Our focus has, and always will be, on making AI accessible to all. Our 9+ years AI experience ensures your assistant is secure and compliant.

What does Intercom do?

Intercom is a customer messaging platform. Recently, Intercom introduced their chatbot, Fin, which relies exclusively on OpenAI’s GPT technology. Like many other sole GPT chatbots it lacks the advanced capabilities of a true AI assistant with accuracy rates of only 50%. Pricing for Fin is extremely expensive, costing $0.99 per conversation, compared to $0.04 with EBI.AI, and live chat is charged additionally.

Comparison by feature

30-day free trial
Low cost per request
AI Expertise
Exclusively Open AI
Range of NLP tools
Consistent messaging
Responses differ every time
100% consistent messaging
Ease of editing responses
Free live chat
Expensive addition
Accuracy rate
Auto-generation with URL
Conversation review, growth and training
AI experience
Training of assistant included

Trusted by businesses in every industry

Don’t just take our word for it

We chose EBI.AI as our provider because they promised a hassle-free process to deploy an AI assistant on their platform, and they absolutely delivered. Their implementation was seamless, exceeding our expectations. We noticed an instant reduction in email enquiries, thanks to their solution.

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