EBI.AI vs Intercom

EBI.AI and Intercom have each built a platform for creating and managing AI chatbots that help customer service teams thrive.

Automated, AI-driven support helps level up customer support with instant replies to queries 24 hours a day. It also drives down costs, boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, increases team efficiency, and enhances the overall customer experience. How does each platform compare on features and ease of use?

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AI Studio is the name for EBI.AI’s conversational AI platform. Use AI Studio to launch a next-gen AI assistant that’s ready to use in minutes using only your website URL. The platform has every feature you need to scale included in the cost, which is free for 30 days, then you only pay for what you use.

  • Everyone gets the same great experience
  • Focus and experience in AI exclusively

The AI chatbot on Intercom’s platform is one of three features. It links up with a help desk to manage support tickets and proactive support to onboard customers. You’ll need to make your choice pre-launch and use the advanced monthly payment plan for superior AI chatbot features.

  • Pay more for a better experience
  • Focus on more complex support centres

Key stats

Per request
AI experience
10 years
1 month


AI expertise
Range of organic machine learning tools built into platform
Reliant on external OpenAI service
Unlimited content sources for customer responses
10 sources only
Consistent messaging included
Pay for customised answers
Edit LLM-generated responses
Option to show responses instantly or edit/correct first
Always shown to customer instantly
Free live chat
Unlimited seats
Pay per seat
Integrations for every customer
Unlimited integrations (+ help with APIs if needed)
Advanced plans only
High resolution rate
Average 42%*
Conversation review (human in the loop)
Automatic prompts to enhance performance
Training for AI assistant included
Content automatically produced to answer new questions
Manually review performance and create new content
Included features to scale your AI assistant
All the features you need to scale your AI assistant are included
Payable features to scale your AI chatbot
Multilingual support
Testing of responses
Performance dashboard

*Source: intercom.com/believe

Ease of use


After sign-up you’re instantly prompted to add your website URL and, after a couple of minutes, an AI assistant is created using this content. Question and answer sets on AI Studio are called Flows and your first few are auto-created, ready for you to use.

  • Create new flows by typing in common customer questions; the answers are automatically generated using your own content
  • Style your AI assistant with your own colours and branding

Biggest pro: Build and management is all automated.


After sign-up there are a number of questions to answer before you land on a page with three choices: help desk, AI chatbot, and proactive support. On choosing AI chatbot, the language is clear and helpful to start the set up.

  • The introductory page gets a little technical with the construction of question and answer sets done manually with no ability to edit content
  • Start by using the Intercom-styled AI chatbot, called Fin

Biggest pro: Clear language for initial instructions.

Content control


The responses your AI assistant sends out to customers are automatically generated from your own content and controlled LLM input, ready for you to approve or reject them. That means you don’t need to do any thinking, writing or technical work to scale your support using advanced AI, and you have full control over all your content.

Upload content from websites, documents or files to give your AI assistant answers, and edit responses before they go out to customers.


You launch using Intercom’s bot design (Fin), but can upload your own content to help populate responses for your AI chatbot to send out to customers. You’ll need to write your own responses and craft the conversations. To keep custom messaging consistent, you’ll need to pay for the advanced subscription.

Upload content from lots of different places, but if you want necessary custom answers, these are a paid-for advanced feature.


30 day free trial

Pay for what you use by number of requests (free forever under 100 requests per month)

 $0.04 per customer request

14 day free trial

Fixed monthly payments starting at $39 (per user) for startups and $99 (per user) for teams

 $0.99 per customer request*

*Source: intercom.com/fin


Both platform providers make a clear commitment to information management and security.

  • All data in UK and EU
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Granular role-based access control
  • Integration with external identity providers on request
  • Encryption at rest and in transit: 256-bit AES encryption at rest and TLS 1.2 for encrypting data in transit
  • Removal of personal data (redaction)
  • Annual penetration testing by a CREST member company that has NCSC CHECK Green Light status
  • Principle of Least Privilege
  • SOC 2 compliant data centres
  • GDPR compliant
  • Designed to WCAG 2.1 AA standard inc. screen readers, font sizes, keyboard navigation, and colour management
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant for online payments
  • SOC 2
  • Service Organization Controls (Soc2) (Type II) Trust
  • Services Principles
  • CSA
  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • And much more!



Better for non-technical customer service teams who want to quickly create a sophisticated AI assistant to automate support, with the ability to control all their customer-facing content and scale their AI assistant at no extra cost.


Better for teams with technical know-how looking for a more complex solution to customer helpdesk and support management as a whole, looking to add an AI chatbot to connect it all up (with its ability dependent on subscription).

Mytime Active logo

“Without our Al assistant call volumes would have continued at an exceptionally high level and we are confident the system has saved us the equivalent of two additional heads due to us being open seven days a week. I believe out of the huge range of customer digital transformation I have delivered this has been one of the best projects and has delivered consistently since being installed. Honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution for our Al based chat system.”

John Branigan, Director of IT & Transformation at Mytime Active

John Branigan


How to guide


View a page online

Go to ‘How to use AI Studio’ now


Sign up for an Academy

Only account holders can join the Academy

Help and support


Clawson is the resident AI assistant for EBI.AI and can be found on the AI Studio dashboard for account holders (and on the EBI.AI home page for non-account holders). Clawson can answer customer queries 24 hours a day and create a support ticket to send directly to the EBI.AI support team for a swift resolution of any issues.


You can use Intercom’s AI chatbot to send a message to the team, but this feature operates more like a traditional inbox, saying they “typically reply within a day,” not instantly. Within the chat area there’s also an operational status, a community area, search feature and several links to blog posts and information.

“We chose EBI.AI as our provider because they promised a hassle-free process to deploy an AI assistant on their platform, and they absolutely delivered. Their implementation was seamless, exceeding our expectations. We noticed an instant reduction in email enquiries, thanks to their solution.”

Rachael Pearson


“Using NLP, LLM and integration together results in trustworthy, reliable and easy to manage AI assistants. NLP does a great job at identifying AI requests, LLM is the AI administrator’s copilot, helping to train it and produce content from lots of different sources, and integration allows your AI assistant to do stuff, like book an appointment or access information. Where LLMs do pick up much of the leg work for you, we keep a human in the loop to prevent misinformation through hallucinations. Using reliable tech like NLP alongside LLM, and integration to add the real value, your AI assistant is then secure and scalable.”

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Research was carried out in February 2024. Platform features, pricing and other details for either platform may have changed since then. This comparison was formed from an initial 20-minute inspection of each site to test how easy it is to get started and understand the layout/usability.