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The easiest way for marketing agencies and website managers to start offering an AI assistant to every client, relying on our decades of experience to deliver the service

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What’s in it for you?

83% of Legal & General customers using their AI assistant prefer it to both phone and email. You can help your customers get the same fantastic result.

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Happier customers!

Our clients have gone from spending £6.26 on each customer contact to less than 5p per contact with an AI assistant. At the same time, they’ve seen customer satisfaction go up by a whopping 67%. Join our partner programme and you can be responsible for bringing in these kinds of results for your own customers too.

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Diversified income

Customers on our platform only pay for what they use. You can charge any amount you choose on top of that as a service fee to create and manage AI assistants for your own customers. Say you charge £500 per month per website, you only need to manage 20 AI assistants a month to make an extra £120,000 per year.

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Competitive advantage

With our partner programme, you don’t need an in-house AI expert or technical wizard to add AI assistant services to your portfolio. You can bring your customers right up to the minute with cutting edge services knowing we’re dealing with all the security and compliance, tech, and performance monitoring for you. The rest is easy!

  • Free live chat with every AI assistant
  • 50% off your own AI assistant when you bring in your first customer

Who do we partner with?

If you’re already helping clients with digital marketing, web management, lead generation or customer relations, using our ready-made platform to add AI automation to their processes is an easy win. It could take you less than 10 minutes a week to manage an AI assistant, so you can serve multiple clients.

Marketing agencies

Offer your clients a new chatbot service without needing to know a thing about advanced AI.

Business advisors and consultants

Be the one people turn to for all things AI, chatbot, and automation while we handle all the tech for you.

Website managers

Seamlessly add a next-generation AI assistant to any website you manage to improve customer experience.

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How our partnership works


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Create, launch and grow AI assistants for as many customers as you can manage


Help whenever you need it

Get 24hr assistance from our own AI, Clawson, as well as our expert team

Why offer AI assistants as a service?

Join organisations across all sorts of industries, from travel and property service to retail, insurance, and local government who saved £25k per quarter after introducing an AI assistant and answer 35% of customer enquiries while their teams sleep.

“I believe out of the huge range of customer digital transformation I have delivered that Mia has been one of the best projects and has delivered consistently since being installed. Honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution for our AI based chat system.”
John Branigan, Director of IT & Transformation at Mytime Active
John Branigan
“The chatbot is transforming the way our customers access information. We believe we can enjoy better customer relationships by allowing customers to contact us via the channel of their choice. Our next focus is to allow our customers to complete end-to-end journeys via the chatbot.”
Dwain Nicely
“SmartHelp assists customers by making useful information more readily available in ways that haven’t been possible before, and therefore reducing pressure on our service centres.”
Claire Hird

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EBI.AI partner programme?

If you run a marketing agency, manage websites for people or offer consultancy services and want to offer AI as a service, you can use our partner programme to do it. Our easy-to-use platform means you can create and manage next-gen AI assistants for multiple clients while we do all the technical know-how and security.

How much can I earn from being an EBI.AI partner?

Anyone with an AI assistant on our platform only ever pays for what they use, so a solopreneur getting 99 enquiries a month pays less than a corporate getting 9,000. You’ll charge a service fee on top of this amount for managing their AI assistant for them. With our unique pricing structure, every new customer gets 30 days free too.

Do I need to know all about AI assistants to join?

You don’t need to understand any of the technical detail about how AI, chatbots, and automation works to join our programme. It helps to learn how businesses are using AI, where it brings value to any organisation, and to know the many benefits of using an AI assistant, so you can sell the service to others ― we do the rest.

Do I have to pay to join the EBI.AI partner programme?

No! It’s free to become an EBI.AI partner, and once you’ve signed up your first customer, you’ll be given 50% off the monthly pay as you go fee for your own AI assistant if it’s managed on our platform.