Use AI to keep your leisure business focused on the good stuff

If juggling life and work feels like a lot right now, you’re not alone. The World Health Organization reports a 13% rise in mental health concerns over the last decade and the Office for National Statistics says depression in adults doubled during the pandemic. It’s clear people need to find time to care for themselves, physically and emotionally, and the leisure industry plays a key role in that.

You can’t sneak more hours into someone’s day, but you can help your employees and your customers make the most of the time they have using conversational AI. Because no customer wants to waste time sitting on the phone waiting to find out if the gym is open, if you run a class they want or have facilities they need. Or burn down their energy looking for information on your website, struggling to find answers because there’s so much to search through.

Our advanced conversational AI platform can give your customers instant answers to their questions, even when you’re running multiple activities across lots of different venues in many different locations. And when your AI assistant is picking up the routine questions, your team has more time to work on tasks that are more rewarding for them or more profitable for your business.

De-stress your customer-facing teams using AI

When your customer support and sales teams are stuck in a stressful situation, overwhelmed by high call volumes and enquiries, an AI assistant is just the fast fix you need.

See how quickly things can change

Mytime Active: Digital transformation in 6 months

"In just six months, AI assistant Mia saved Mytime Active the equivalent of two additional heads due to them being open seven days a week. "Mia and EBI.AI have been amazing for Mytime customers," they say.

Find out how AI cut their call volumes

Handle high call volumes with ease

Handle high call volumes with ease

When stress levels go up, a positive sense of wellbeing can quickly nose dive. Our conversational AI platform helps your team handle high volumes of calls without feeling under pressure to answer everyone now. Your AI assistant does that for you.

Make it easy to book, even with lots of different options

Make it easy to book, even with lots of different options

When you offer a range of activities, from swimming to golf and bowling to yoga, in multiple venues as well as online, there’s a lot of information to fit onto one website or app for your customers to try and find. Using our conversational AI platform, your customers can simply ask for what they want and choose on the spot what works best for them. Just like they would in a face-to-face conversation.

Spend less time on admin and get more done

Spend less time on admin and get more done

To help your customers find work-life balance or keep their mental health in check, protect their time. Because searching online or spending time in a phone queue is a waste. It’s time they could use getting fit or clearing their head. An AI assistant instantly answers repetitive queries about opening times, membership and facilities, so everyone can spend more time on leisure, not admin.

Make leisure a pleasure, never a chore

Make leisure a pleasure, never a chore

No customer wants to walk into a leisure centre and find an empty reception desk, especially when a class is starting or they’re on their lunch break. But while your team is taking calls, dealing with clean-ups and everything else besides, customers are waiting aimlessly for help. Instead, use our AI platform to book people in 24/7 so they can walk straight in to use the facilities.

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