How Mytime Active transformed customer service in 6 months using AI to answer 97% of leisure queries

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Mytime Active | Leisure services

Key challenges

Director of IT & Transformation at Mytime Active, John Branigan, wanted to reduce the number of incoming calls his contact team were dealing with, increase overall efficiency, and improve customer experience (CX).

  • The contact team was overwhelmed
  • Enquiries couldn’t always be answered promptly
  • Customers weren’t having a consistently good experience

Key results

John booked a call with us to find out how launching an AI assistant could help and just six months later, Mytime Active’s new AI assistant Mia was supporting the contact team to answer customers in real time, enhancing CX.

  • Mia was trained to answer almost every type of query
  • The team no longer has a backlog of enquiries
  • Customers don’t have to search for information anymore and can get instant support
Image of Mia AI assistant avatar (blue T-shirt, pale skin, wide eyes and purple hair) with a speech bubble that says

Notable breakthroughs along the way

  • Customers respond well to Mia, even if they’re not usually comfortable with technology
  • The customer service team benefits just as much as customers do from the use of AI
  • Live chat is the bridge between AI automation and the contact team that further increases efficiency

It takes just 10 minutes to launch an AI assistant

A few years ago, it would have been a long-winded, expensive and highly technical process for Mytime Active to launch an AI assistant. Our unique platform takes all that pain away:

All you need to get started is your website url ― it’s that simple!

Screen on EBI.AI AI Studio platform where you are asked to enter the URL for your website to automatically create an AI assistant using its content

John's team now relies on AI-powered support

Before launching Mia, John’s customer support team handled an overwhelming number of phone calls every day. Many of these were repetitive queries about opening times or to book activities, so John wanted an easier way for customers to book or get this information, and creating Mia was easy.

Mytime Active chose the name and designed the avatar especially, and have full control over every response Mia sends out to their valuable customers, which can be edited any time.

Everything John’s team needs to check Mia’s progress is on their client dashboard:

EBI.AI client dashboard showing AI assistant conversation trends and data - leisure queries
(Data shown is for illustrative purposes only)

In 6 months AI assistant Mia was answering 97% of customer queries

In the first six months of Mia being active, Mytime Active’s customer queries spanned 220 topics of conversation and, with Mia on the team, 94% of them were successfully resolved. The leisure provider can now respond to customers instantly 24 hours a day, since Mia is always available.

Customers get information in real time

Mia helps a wide community of people find information instantly through simple conversation, even if they usually struggle to use technology. Mytime Active customers don’t have to trawl through a website or search menus of an app to find what they need, they just talk to Mia.

AI assistant answers a question for a leisure centre:

Leisure centre information is easy to find

Since Mytime Active has a number of leisure centres in different locations with each offering a wide range of activities, it has to be easy for customers to find highly specific information quickly. Checking details for any of Mytime Active’s leisure centres is easy with Mia on board as customers can simply ask Mia what they want to know and get an instant answer without having to search for it.

AI assistant answers a question for a leisure centre:

Mia takes people straight to the services they want

When customers are ready to book activities, Mia guides them through the process, making sure people can instantly book a suitable service without any confusion, delay, or unnecessary back and forth with customer service agents.

AI assistant answers a question for a leisure centre:

Using live chat further reduces call volumes

Whenever a customer needs help from a human, Mia can seamlessly pass them over to a member of Mytime Active’s support team using the live chat feature on our platform (included for free), and John has found both customers and his agents have a much better experience this way. The more conversations Mia has, the clearer it is to see which queries Mia needs training on to be able to answer more questions, and with Mia’s performance always improving, it makes things easier for customers and the team:

  • Customers get more instant answers from Mia to more of their queries
  • The more Mia learns, the less live chats are handed over to the team
A green chart on the left shows the number of conversations with Mia going up and up. A red chart on the right shows the number of live chat conversations with the support team going down and down.

Having support from Mia leaves John’s contact team free to focus on more sensitive, unusual, or rewarding enquiries, plus higher value tasks that boost business.

Mia handles routine enquiries

An AI assistant can handle simple and complex queries that don’t need any human involvement, like signing up for membership. Through simple integrations, Mia links up with Mytime Active’s business systems to access customer information in real time (personal information is automatically redacted from the chat).

AI assistant answers a question for a leisure centre:

Human agents can quickly step in

When there are issues that can’t or shouldn’t be automated, if a problem is unusually complex or the customer has a sensitive enquiry to talk about, John’s team can instantly take over the conversation to get the issue resolved promptly.

AI assistant answers a question for a leisure centre:

Conversation review is essential to Mia's success

When Mytime Active launched Mia, uptake was high from the start with the AI assistant having around 100 conversations with customers every day. Our team of specialists trained Mia to answer routine questions, but as soon as real customers started talking with it, we could do so much more to develop their service.

We quickly identified what people asked Mia about the most, then added in new flows (sets of questions and answers) around those topics. Anyone on the Mytime Active team can add new flows of their own too.

One of the hottest topics was knowing if you need to book for activities or just show up. Now Mia has the answer, customers don’t need to call in and ask.

After six months of conversation review, Mia’s success rate soared to 93% and continued to go up, answering almost all queries correctly.

In fact, Mia has become such a reliable member of the Mytime support team, they now use Mia themselves to find answers to more obscure questions from customers.

Young woman at the gym holding a weight in her hand, flexing, with Mytime Active logo

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