Finally, an easy way to create and manage an online AI assistant, even if you know nothing about AI

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Our unique platform is packed full of all the tools you need to launch a successful AI assistant to cut call volumes, handle staff shortages, automate sales and marketing, increase brand loyalty, or otherwise improve business.

You don’t need any technical knowhow. You have full control over the look and language of your AI assistant and can go as deep into advanced AI as you want to go over time. Just choose your industry (or start from scratch) to get started.

“Because the property AI assistant takes on more routine tasks like maintenance requests and contract information, it frees up our property managers to concentrate on the overall service and maintenance of the building, providing a better experience for tenants.”

Sam Winnard


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Join our AI assistants in any industry

From rental apartments to supermarkets and leisure centres to local councils, our online AI assistants are helping teams in all sorts of industries improve efficiency, better target resources, engage with customers more often, save on recruitment, and more. Meet some of them:

Create your AI assistant in 3 easy steps

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2. Customise
3. Grow
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We’ve already crafted 85% of the conversations customers are likely to have with your AI assistant so it can start handling queries for you from day one. Use these to get started or put your own conversation flows together from scratch. Customers love that our platform is “intuitive” and has a “low learning curve”. Plus, it’s free to use for as long as you like.

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Brand your AI assistant with your logo and colours. You’ll write your own responses to customers, so they include the right information and sound like something you’d say. Our team of language experts and analysts review conversations to see where improvements can be made (personal information is automatically removed).

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Our live reporting dashboard shows you which features you can use to improve your AI assistant. Link it up with your business systems, like a CRM or bookings software, so it can carry out more tasks for you. Add your AI assistant to social media or mobile apps, or use live chat. If something you want isn’t there, use Clawson to ask us to build it.

Our platform has all the tools you need for growth built in, so you don’t have to budget for them

When you launch an online AI assistant, you want it to be smart enough to evolve as time goes on, in line with the needs of your customers. The three things you need to achieve that are included as a natural part of our platform because we don’t believe the most advanced AI assistants can exist without them:

1. Natural language processing (NLP) so your AI assistant can recognise what your customers say and keep the conversation going to resolve their query.

2. The ability to connect with business systems you use daily, so your AI assistant can carry out tasks just like you do to help solve problems.

3. A ‘human in the loop‘ reviewing conversations between your AI assistant and customers to suggest improvements based on real-life requests and feedback, so you’re always bettering their experience.

When you have an AI assistant speaking with your customers 24/7 , you soon get to know what they want. And you’ll have more time available to act on everything you learn, too.

Set up an AI assistant in minutes but it’s what happens next that’s most exciting

If your AI assistant hasn’t been able to help a customer with their query, it’s an opportunity to improve the customer experience next time and grow your AI assistant.

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Is there an opportunity to connect your AI assistant with your business systems so it can offer help without any input from your team?

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Do you need to open up a new digital channel, like smart speakers or a mobile app?

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Do you need to tweak your AI assistant responses or train it on new subjects so it can answer more queries?

Uncover problems in real-time to quickly fix them

We’ve made it super easy for any member of your team to set up and manage your AI assistant, you don’t need any technical knowhow to use our platform.

Update conversations

Improve communication and increase efficiency

Train your AI assistant

Enhance your processes, products and service

Going live is easy

Your AI assistant works 24/7 so you don’t have to

Check your dashboard

Make informed decisions on business direction

Our resident AI assistant is on hand 24/7 to answer questions about our platform or put you in touch with the team for technical support. Just ask Clawson!

Now is an exciting time to launch an AI assistant

Now is an exciting time to launch an AI assistant

The sooner you start talking with your customers, the sooner you’ll know what your business needs to do next to give them a better, more efficient, more enjoyable experience with you, and it’s free to get started.

Set up your AI assistant today and let it learn (or ask us to do it for you).

“Over 70% of product leaders plan to invest in conversational artificial intelligence in the next two years” ― Gartner (2021)