AI makes homes smarter,
more enjoyable and easier to manage

It doesn’t matter if you rent out apartments, sell houses, built property to rent, or provide social housing, you’re working towards one concept. Something that people cherish and take for granted all at the same time. The one place where they can truly be themselves. Where they can reflect on their wants and needs, indulging in a space that ― with your help ― feels just perfect for them.

The concept of ‘home’

To some, that means being able to move around easily from place to place but quickly feel settled. For others, it’s finding comfort in staying put for longer periods. And then there are all the people in between.
Working and resting. Traveling and retreating, coming and going in and out of their homes. Raising families or needing a base. But at the centre of everything is the home you provide.

People live in places and no technology can replace the work you do as a property developer or housing manager to satisfy individual tastes and choices ― people are complex. But there’s so much help you can get using AI. You focus on the delicate interests that need the human touch and use AI to handle everything else. Like elements of maintenance management or contracts for your customers. Or sales and marketing for your business. Using our advanced conversational AI platform, you’ll have more time to explore the boundaries, spruce up your offering, and then raise the roof on your profits.

Let AI handle routine property maintenance so you don’t have to

When you’re moving people into new homes there are two sure things you’ll always want to strive for:

  • Make every part of the process more efficient
  • Make every part of the process as enjoyable as possible

That’s why leading property developers are using our AI platform to make sure customers get an instant, reassuring response whenever they get in touch, especially when it’s to report a problem

Read the JLL case study

Create enviable build to rent communities that residents love

The British Property Federation reports that 50,000 build-to-rent properties are already complete and 120,000 more are under construction or in the planning process.

If you want your buildings to stand out, AI can help. Moving people into their apartments using an AI assistant that then helps to settle them in is just one way to do it.

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You could find thousands of reasons
to use AI for property management

Rental managers

Rental managers

Watch how easy it is for your residents to use AI to report a problem in their apartment, like the heating not coming on or a leaking tap. Not only that, they can go on to immediately schedule an appointment to get the problem fixed ― you don’t have to take a call or reply to an email about it, it’s all handled by your AI.

Build to rent developers

Build to rent developers

Find out how build-to-rent property developers are using AI to turn avant-garde renting into a more memorable experience for their residents, using AI to uncover the simplicity of co-living in the city in the 2020s. Having AI in your properties isn’t a fancy feature, it launches a whole new way of life.

Property administrators

Property administrators

If you want help to get through your rental agreement admin faster, we’ll show you how AI can help you get everything to a new resident on the day they move in, tell them how everything works, remind them to fill in the important paperwork, and settle them in too. You don’t have to be there in person at all.

Property sales

Property sales

You can’t be in two places at once, but they also say, you snooze; you lose. So, if you’re feeling the pressure of trying to attract new buyers at the same time as giving your current customers the best possible service, learn how you can use AI to handle your enquiries, while you focus on what needs the human touch.

How it works

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You know best what your customers want. Have a look around the rest of this page to see how AI is used today by some of the world’s most successful property developers.

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If you like what you see, we’ll make it official. An AI assistant is usually ready to go live on your website, telephone, mobile, smart speakers, social media, or any other channel you choose within a few weeks.

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The beauty of using our conversational AI platform, is that we manage all the technology for you, so you can focus on moving people in, moving people out, and moving ahead with your business.

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