With AI, travel is less time-consuming
so every minute can count for more

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can’t reverse a train if you missed it. Or rewind two minutes to catch that plane. Waiting is painful but when you set off you can’t get there fast enough. And a return journey can feel like you blinked and missed your trip. On our travels, time is always at our heels, whether we want more or less of it, or it passed too fast or too slow. The one thing you can do to help your customers ease through the warp is make it as painless as possible using conversational AI.

It doesn’t really matter if your next passenger is booking in a hurry because time is slipping away or if they have the next three hours to decide on the detail. When someone is booking a trip, they’re in that zone; they want answers now. And that’s when an AI assistant becomes your second in command. Your co-pilot. Helping to navigate your customers through your booking system, the travel arrangements and regulations, and enjoy their journey along the way.

Because how many of your passengers are following a route they’ve travelled many times before? It’s a routine trip from A to B for work. To see family. Or visit a home-from-home. They don’t want to sit in a phone queue or wait in line at a desk. Using our advanced conversational AI platform, you can shuttle those people to the front of the line – instantly. On your website, your phone line, social media channels, smart speakers and more. While you can speak to one passenger at a time, an AI assistant can be speaking with enough people to fill a fleet of jumbo jets many times over, all at the same time. That’s more tickets sold. More bums on seats. And more people on their way to where they need to be.

Using AI for routine bookings gives your team more time to do what your team does best. Since travel isn’t always optional. Sometimes it’s not a choice. Or making it on time is crucial. And those are the times when your expertise and human empathy count more than anything else. For those people, our AI platform gives you the space you need to plan a trip side by side with your customer. To ease any stress and deliver the service you know you can give when time is on your side.

Meet the travel operator into AI for the long haul

There’s so much floating around out there about AI, you’re probably drowning in information. Is it a fad? Is AI really the answer to your problems? How exactly does it work and how would you get started? Stena Line ferries have been using artificial intelligence since it first took off in business when AI was still seen as the hype. Find out how they’ve constantly reinvented their AI assistant to keep their enterprise and their customers on course ― the result is as clear as the Caribbean Ocean.

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AI through the ages

Stena Line can rely on the AI assistant we created for them to handle 99% of the questions passengers ask them every day about ferry trips around Europe. But it wasn’t always this way. We’ve been working with Stena Line ferries since 2015 and their AI assistant, Stina, has been through every evolution of artificial intelligence. Take a trip with us down memory lane to see how an AI assistant develops over time, in different forms and languages, and how important AI can become in a crisis.

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Take AI in any direction you want using our platform

Wipeout the routine tasks that take up the most of your time

Wipeout the routine tasks that take up the most of your time

One ferry holds around 450 passengers. Your average plane or train seats 200 people. Even a bus has almost a hundred seats. If you think about how many individuals are travelling around the world at any time, there’s massive scope for people to book a ticket for the wrong day or time. To miss the boat or have to change their plans. With our AI platform nobody needs to panic. Your passengers can get instant help from an AI assistant straight from their phone, so your customer is never stranded, even when your customer support centre is closed.

Update tens of thousands of customers with urgent travel updates all at once

Update tens of thousands of customers with urgent travel updates all at once

When your customer has spent time planning every step of their journey, any change to their travel arrangements is unsettling, especially when it’s out of their control. The good thing about AI is that no matter how stressful or upsetting a situation might be, like the sudden need to have a negative Covid test before boarding a sightseeing bus, your AI assistant can continue to give up-to-the-minute helpful information to clarify the detail and keep things calm. Because AI will follow the same rule every time, all day long, until you change it.

With AI onboard, your passengers can settle into their journey faster

With AI onboard, your passengers can settle into their journey faster

Not everyone is good at travel arrangements or able to plan ahead. Some people prefer to wing it, or things crop up along the way. And that’s okay. Because with our AI platform, your customers can speak with you on any part of their journey, even as it’s happening. Using their phone to scan a QR code on board, people can instantly connect with your AI assistant to ask if there’s a bar nearby or report a problem if they need to. Having an AI assistant on hand to direct them to where they want to go at that exact moment makes travelling with you a breeze.

Give every passenger a direct link to your support with instant answers

Give every passenger a direct link to your support with instant answers

Some of your customers are travelling so frequently they rarely need to get in touch with you at all. When they do, the last thing they want is to sit in line for an answer to a quick question. Since an AI assistant will remember every detail about every one of your passengers (respectful of your privacy policy), you can use our AI platform to give customers like frequent flyers instant access to customer service. If they want to check they can use their loyalty points to fly, your AI can tell them without delay. So you can focus on the customers who need more help.

How it works

Look for the delays

Travel delays are frustrating for everyone; you want them in your transport system as much as passengers want to encounter them en route. Let us know where the hold-ups take place so we can ship in our AI platform to help you out.

Explore different routes

From searching for destinations or travel times to organising the trip and arrival, your customers need a lot of information from you. Let’s figure out all the places where your AI assistant could appear to help you offload.

Fly through a demo

In the same way your passengers want to visualise their journey so they can make appropriate plans, you want to see how our conversational AI platform works. Once we’ve got an idea of what you need, we’ll give you a demo.

Plan your destination

You can have an AI assistant on your website or phone line, ferry, train, bus, ship or space rocket within a few weeks. Using mobile apps, smart speakers and onboard devices, your AI assistant can be anywhere your customers are.

Go live 85% of the way there

Wherever your customers go and however they get there, there’s always a beginning and always an end. Our AI platform answers 85% of routine travel queries straight away. After that, you can start making big plans for where you want to go with your AI assistant and what you want it to do.

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