Mistakes are costly but AI helps
protect your insurance firm against them

Loss. Injury. Damage. Insurance isn’t just a monthly or yearly premium. It’s noticeable support in unsettling times and your customers need to know they’re covered if the worst thing happens. So you’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s with no room for error and that’s where artificial intelligence can help you out. More specifically, conversational AI. Because when you’re dealing with people’s biggest worries or fears, talking it all through is important.

Powered by our advanced conversational AI platform, an AI assistant can help your customers with everything from getting a quote for insurance to claiming for accidental damage. Your customers can chat on any channel they’re most comfortable with, be it a social media messaging platform, your website or mobile app, phone line or SMS service. The best bit is that we can pull in information from your live policy system. Any information your AI assistant gives to your customer is then personal to their policy, plus it’s already approved by your legal team.

Like your own insurance analysts, we’re constantly looking at facts and figures. We review every conversation your AI assistant has with your customers (minus personal data, like a name or policy number, to keep it safe). Our team of conversation designers, psychologists and linguistics experts calculate the success rate of every interaction so you can rest assured your AI assistant is always safeguarding your reputation.

Why 83% of SmartHelp users turn to the Legal & General AI assistant first for help with their insurance

When we created the SmartHelp AI assistant for Legal & General Insurance, we soon linked it up to their policy system and it was handling 95% of their most common questions from customers. 83% of the people using it now choose SmartHelp over any other method of contacting the insurer. Legal & General Insurance didn’t expect how much else they would learn about their business just from having an AI assistant talking to people 24-hours a day.

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Do you know about failure demand?

If you’re a Chief Innovation Officer working in insurance, you’ll be assessing the risk of introducing new technology into your business. You want to be able to claim success and conversational AI is a great way to do it because it actively protects your insurance firm against failure. Read our blog post to find out why your customer support staff could be wasting up to 80% of their time on work that an AI assistant can do for them instantly, giving your team more time to offer a premium service.

Help for CIOs

A fast, secure way to give your customers what they want

Offer instant quotes and renewals

Offer instant quotes and renewals

Give your customers an instant quote using our AI platform. Able to process tens of thousands of requests for quotes simultaneously, an AI assistant works hard for you 24/7, every day of the week. While your AI assistant instantly generates new quotes or renews old policies for loyal patrons, you can focus on more involved requests for cover or check-in with faithful customers so that every part of your business is covered.

Answer customer questions instantly

Answer customer questions instantly

It’s not only the customer that benefits from you using our AI platform. If your team is overrun with calls about the same common questions and it stops them from spending more time on a sensitive or more complicated quote or claim requests, use an AI assistant to take 85% of those queries off your hands from day one. You can add more specific questions as you go, as your team gets more time to think about how you can continue to offer a premium service.

Do more for the customer with integration

Do more for the customer with integration

There are lots of questions you can’t answer without looking at someone’s individual policy, but don’t worry! We can connect your AI assistant seamlessly and securely with your policy system. That way, your customers will only ever be given information that is relevant to them and correct in line with their insurance agreement. It means you can rely on your AI assistant to do a lot more to help you and your team manage essential customer enquiries.

Make claims quick and painless

Make claims quick and painless

Making a claim is the part of the insurance process that nobody wants to get to. It’s the worst-case scenario. The rainy day. How much more comfortable would it be for your customers to speak to your AI assistant about their claim and start the process right away with no delay? Using our AI platform, you can make it possible for them to do that any time of the day or night whether your offices are open or closed. Your AI assistant can handle it.

How it works

Confirm your most valuable asset

If there’s one thing you want your AI assistant to protect, it’s your relationship with your customer. First, we’ll identify your security needs and verify your processes.

Check what cover you need and where

Your AI assistant can live anywhere. On your website, in an app, on your phone lines, or any device you use to speak with people about insurance. Let’s confirm those channels.

85% of your quote is already calculated

We’ve been working in conversational AI since the beginning. That’s why we can give you a pre-built AI assistant that handles 85% of your routine enquiries from day one.

Let’s firm up the policy and build in some detail

To personalise the experience for your customer, we can pull their policy details into the conversation so every reply from your AI is specific to them and their insurance.

Using AI to establish your brand identity

Finally, it’s time to think about how you want to use your AI assistant in the future to help with more complex projects or services that are unique to your insurance firm.

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