It’s a whole new retail world out there
but AI makes the adjustment easy

The way your customers’ shop has changed forever. First, there’s the drive to go digital, or for digital-only retailers, the aspiration to reconcile online buying with the way shopping has always been done ― every retailer trying to find a golden aisle that runs between tradition and modernity. Then came the pandemic. And you’re still feeling the strain of millions of shoppers being unleashed into an online world where they’ve never ventured before or where their needs have changed entirely. Every member of your team is under pressure to react quickly.

Global consultancy firm A&M pushes the message home for retailers everywhere: “gaining trust has never been more important”. With the impact of Covid-19, they found that during the pandemic more than four in ten people across Europe bought something online for the first time. And as surviving retailers recover their strength and make plans for an increasingly digitalised future, A&M warns that if you leave it too long, you risk people finding an alternative. That’s where our advanced conversational AI platform can help you. With our platform, you can speak often and exclusively with every customer, whether they’re new buyers or loyal followers, to get to know them, find out what they want and need from you as a retailer, then keep in close contact 24/7.

The thing with conversational AI is that it can hang on any peg of your business plan. If your biggest challenge is to reduce the number of calls you get about deliveries or certain products, or you’re missing the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell, you can start by using an AI assistant to handle that to give your staff more time to tackle everything else later on. Because there are no limits to the number or type of conversations you can have with your customers using AI, online, in-store, or both. Your AI assistant is with them where they are ― any time, every place, and always available.

Being more conversational with your customers lifts the shutters on loyalty. With our AI platform, you hear first-hand from your customers what their expectations are of retailers in a pandemic-weary world, which makes you more likely to be able to meet those expectations and earn their trust.

Retailers: It’s now or never; AI is on your list of essential items

In the same way, your customers want to see a fully stocked store with a wide range of suitable goods to choose from ― even if they’ll only buy a tiny fraction of it, you want to know you could be available to every customer in any way they want you to be, without having to try and squeeze a thousand different customer experiences into one app. Our AI platform becomes the link between limitless options for buyers and browsers so you can be all things to all shoppers. It’s tough for retail right now, take the help from AI.

Find out why there’s no time to waste

How retailer, Coop Sweden, uses AI to answer almost 90% of top queries from over 3 million shoppers

If you want to get a taste for the endless list of things you can do with our AI platform to help boost sales and make it a satisfying experience for your customers, take just seven minutes out of your day to savour our Coop case study. This progressive grocery chain in Sweden is using conversational AI to help people with everyday tasks like ticking items off their shopping list or deciding what to have for dinner but also helping to save the planet by ditching paper receipts and tackling food waste.

Meet Coop’s smart AI Assistant, Cooper

Give every customer a personal shopper

Give every customer a personal shopper

You already know the benefits of getting to know your customers better ― the more you know about what they like and don’t like, the more you win their loyalty. When you add an AI assistant that chats regularly with your customers, they are better cared for because you can be there for them all the time, 24/7, helping people find the things they use or want and remembering what they choose for next time ― every time. It’s the familiarity of the way we used to shop, where every store owner knows your name, but with a modern tech twist that lets customers buy from you anywhere, anytime, knowing that you understand their buying habits and how they like to shop.

Use AI to perfect every part of a purchase

Use AI to perfect every part of a purchase

Right now, your customers are bombarded with options for how to buy stuff. Online, in-store, or Brick and Click. Getting it delivered or picking it up. And what about returns or replacements? Or making an exchange? The logistics of convenience on this scale can break down fast. But with our AI platform, you can use your AI assistant to immediately jump in and answer questions whenever your customer hesitates over an order. Or when they need to sort out a problem with a delivery, to track a collection or change the day, without ever needing to speak with you. All this, leaving you free to work on new products and services that strengthen your brand and increase your profits.

AI continues the conversation beyond the checkout

AI continues the conversation beyond the checkout

Online shopping has changed the way we browse on the way to the checkout and the service we receive after we’ve left a store too. That’s where an AI assistant can help you ring up more sales, suggesting products that go hand-in-hand with the ones already in your buyer’s basket or to inspire another purchase later on. Because with our platform, your AI assistant will get to know more about your customer than you ever could without artificial intelligence. In return, their trust in your brand can grow secure enough for people to be happy to share their private data with you and let you make suggestions for products you know they’ll love or are likely to need.

Be the sustainable, convenient, familiar brand all at once

Be the sustainable, convenient, familiar brand all at once

Over the years, you’ve adapted your business to the needs of your customers. They want flexibility? They’ve got it. Convenience? Sure. But this gradual yet unstoppable change to the way we shop has resulted in a mish-mash of ideas from retailers trying to keep up with the disruption. But when you start using our AI platform, the functional elements of your business and the nice-to-haves are all managed in one place for you ― by us. Greeting every customer by their name. Cross-selling goods at the checkout. Being transparent about where your products come from and how they’re made. Or using augmented reality to sell in-store and apps to manage delivery. We work with all of that.

How it works

List what you want

You know better than anyone else where the pressure points are for your store; what your customers get the most frustrated with or where you lose them on the way to the checkout. Let’s talk about that.

Work out where to get it

Next, we’ll look at all the channels you use (or could use) to interact with people so we can make sure they have the same experience with you online, in-store, on social, and everywhere else.

Check current trends

Let’s chat about the Covid-19 affect ― the astronomical shift in the number of queries you’re getting about selling online and from people who've never shopped online before who need extra help.

Browse your options

When you’re ready, we’ll run you through a personalised demo to show you how we’ll use our platform to take the pressure off your team, using natural conversation to engage with any shopper across every channel.

Get more customers

We’ve worked in AI since its commercial beginning and with data systems for 20 years, so whatever angst you’re feeling, we can help. And when your AI assistant goes live within a few weeks, we manage all the tech for you.

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