AI Solutions: Unleash the power of AI for your business

Lack of bandwidth and expertise? We fill in the gaps of your knowledge to create AI solutions that drive results for your business

  • 25+ years systems integration experience / 10+ years AI experience
  • Safe, secure & fast implementation of LLM, RAG and AI agents
  • Utilise and if required update legacy systems so they are fit for purpose
  • UK, EU & US data centres available
  • Take advantage of AI to achieve targets across your whole business
  • Focus on value-add services; driven solely by outcomes & results
  • Reveal opportunities to optimise existing process using AI
  • Foster an AI culture embracing innovation

Tell us what you want to do and we’ll tell you if it’s possible

Tell us what you want to do and we’ll tell you if it’s possible

You’ve heard what AI can do, but might not know how to get your project off the ground. Or maybe you’ve been tasked with digital transformation of existing processes for your organisation, but struggling to connect the data and systems or you’re trying something with AI that’s not quite working the way you hoped. That’s where you can lean on our experience to manage all these kinds of tasks for you.

Providing AI powered customer assistants to over 12,000 global businesses

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Get instant access to your data

Use an AI assistant to intelligently sort through your siloed data from across different systems and present it from one centralised location to allow instant access to data such as:

  • “How many customers requested support on mobile this month?”
  • “How many hours have we assigned to business development since March?”
  • “How many stocks do we hold?”
  • “What’s the most common next step in the user journey after sign up”
  • “Who worked on our Alpha project as the Support Lead?”

Introduce LLMs safely and quickly

LLMs like GPT might have only recently crashed into AI headlines, but we’ve been working in this industry for 20+ years so know when (and when not) to use new technologies, and how to use them safely to protect and develop your data. Large language models mean you can make useful information readily available in ways that haven’t been possible before:

  • ‘I could save £500k if I had a bespoke or fine tuned AI over my research data’ – we can make this happen!
  • ‘Just ask the AI questions and it will find the answers in my 10,000 engineering manuals’ – no problem
  • ‘I want the AI to help me increase my understanding of our data. I want to be able to ask any question about our marketing reports and it returns it to me in an easy to understand way so I can focus on finding the solutions rather than creating reports.’ – we can help

Large scale customer support migration

Ready to lead the future of customer support? Transition from a traditional telephony-first approach to a streamlined AI-first model with us. By leveraging channels like Amazon Lex, integrated with our AI platform, we can help your organisation provide accurate and immediate AI-first support, while saving £100,000s and boosting customer satisfaction. For the queries that still require a human touch, we ensure minimal wait times through phone or free live chat.

Create or update APIs for easy AI integration

Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re making waves with AI, you need APIs to connect all your tech together. We can set you up, or improve the ones you have to give your AI solutions the tools, functions and data they need.

All other AI projects

AI won’t just help you with a task, in many cases it will do the task for you. We will work alongside you to implement AI safely & effectively to provide near 100% automation where required, not simply a 10% improvement.

Customer support: Our most common implementation

If you recognise Zendesk’s message that email and phone customer services have “plateaued” while messaging has “spiked” in the 2020s, you’ll be investing in sorting out your data and systems now to be fully prepared for more change.

  • Use AI technology to transition from a traditional telephone-first approach to customer service to instant, accurate AI-powered support.
  • Use integrations to connect your systems to an AI assistant and uncover innovative new ways to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Use AI-powered data to transform your insights with instant, in-the-moment information and feedback from customers to inform your future decisions.

Group 35052

Support migration

  • Move past classic telephone-first support
  • Identify opportunities for your support teams
Group 35442

System integration

  • Link all your systems seamlessly together
  • Link up all your favourite apps and platforms
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Data intelligence

  • Learn and prosper from your customer data
  • Use customer data to transform your insights

How to get started

There are two ways to access AIaaS:

What our clients say

Join our happy customers and experience the benefits of having AI solutions across your whole business savings thousands in les than 6 months.

Read our success stories

“Looking at the ease of use with which my kids just speak to assistants or use technology, it’s staggering. We knew we couldn’t stay the same; we had to evolve. We were looking for a partner with the capability to develop what is still a relatively new product. EBI.AI had the technical capability and we had complete trust and confidence in how they would treat the project.”
Christian Armstrong
“The ability to take information directly from our site and present that to customers has delivered major change. I believe out of the huge range of customer digital transformation I have delivered that our AI assistant has been one of the best projects and has delivered consistently since being installed. Honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution for our AI based chat system.”
John Branigan, Director of IT & Transformation at Mytime Active
John Branigan

Data makes positive, profitable change possible

After the pandemic when we were all still having to avoid each other, we worked with Coop Sweden to collect real-time data about visitors to their grocery stores, so customers could know instantly if it was busy or quiet.

They’d accesses this information through the Coop Sweden AI assistant on any channel and the result was a genuinely useful service that helped keep people safe. There are no limits to what you can use data for and with an AI assistant on board, Coop Sweden has been able to answer 91% of queries from 3 million+ shoppers.

Our AI consultancy service helps you explore how you can move forward with big strides in the world of AI. All it takes to get started is to book a discovery call.

We’d love to hear about the problems you could solve with AI

Book a call with us to chat through the biggest challenges you’d like AI to solve. We’re here for it. Let us modernise your systems, APIs, data security and open-source compliance, and explore AI together.

What our clients say

Join other businesses already using AI to create cost savings & efficiencies across their whole business.

Case studies

“Coop wants to build a level of customer experience that is unparalleled in the Swedish retail marketplace. The work that EBI.AI is doing gives us a tool to build strong relationships with our customers and support them with an important part of their daily life.”
Amer Mohammad
“A wholehearted venture on AI assistants and smart algorithms is the foundation of the digital transformation that will take this ferry company to the next level.”
Digital Project of the Year