EBI.AI clients are business leaders and customer heroes, driving organisational change across the world

Nowadays, conversational AI has become a business imperative for any customer-centric organisation with a strategic focus on retention and loyalty. Leveraging AI technologies to enhance the customer’s experience remains a true value proposition for gaining competitive advantages in the long term.

Here are some solutions that will make you a customer hero!


An immediate and direct channel which enables customers to converse naturally with your business, AI chatbots are the perfect self-service solution for large, unnavigable websites and hard to access information.

Handling simultaneous interactions with thousands of customers 24/7 frees up your amazing agents to drive customer experience or outbound sales initiatives.


Replace your old IVR system with an AI switchboard, so customers get to the right destination more often, decreasing call time, call cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

Identify customers automatically to shave precious seconds off each call and handle simple transactions without the need for an agent.


Click play to listen to a recording of a voicebot
handling a waste management enquiry.


For when the customer needs a human interaction, the AI assistant will handover to the best available agent and pass on the history and context of the chat.

Use Lobster’s livechat functionality for AI assistance, or integrate with your current provider.

Smart home assistants

Give your customers access to more and different information through a virtual assistant built for Google Home devices and Alexa.

Create extraordinary experiences and convenience for them and they will love you for it!

Conversational app

Not impressed yet? Ok, well why not go further to serve your customers with a conversational app. The assistant takes centre stage so customers can get to what they want faster and easier, without having to learn or navigate a complex app. Truly transform their experiences, and therefore your business.

AI workshop

Not sure where to start? Spend 2 days with an EBI.AI solution architect and UX designer to work out how to make use of this technology for your organisation.

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