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AI assistants for all sorts of enterprises that your customers will love

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AI isn’t “the future”. Artificial intelligence is here and it’s already helping enterprises like yours find practical ways to fix their efficiency problems while making business more personable.

Right now, you’re at the tipping point of either getting ahead or falling behind the competition; there’s not a lot in between. As soon as you embrace AI, your team starts working faster than they ever could without it. The AI assistant we built for Stena Line answers 99% of the essential questions they get asked all the time. Imagine starting your day tomorrow to find that amount of work already done 🎉  And all the extra time you’d have to get on with growing your business the way you want to.

For us, creating an AI assistant is like giving you the helper you’d hire in real life, so you can start giving more time to things that define your brand and bring joy to your customers. Our clients in the property market use their AI assistants to show people around a new neighbourhood. In retail, they’re revealing how good or bad products are for the environment. And local councils can now offer a 24-hour service with the help of an AI assistant powered by our platform.

AI is now.

Are you ready?

The easy way to dip into conversational AI before diving in deep

The easy way to dip into conversational AI before diving in deep

Our advanced AI platform gives you a live AI assistant unique to your enterprise. As soon as you’re up and running, you can start steering your AI in any direction you want. We’re with you all the way.

Our platform

Explore AI by industry

AI is everywhere. It isn’t just for tech companies or industry frontrunners, it’s for everyone. Like broadband. Or smartphones. Or cloud. Find out how it’s being used in all sorts of enterprises.

Case studies

There are countless ways you can use AI to help your business grow and every client we work with wants to explore them as deeply as we do. Read our case studies to see the results of our work.

AI Case Studies

Legal & General Insurance: Using AI to answer 4,000 customer queries a month

Why 83% of Legal and General Insurance customers turn to their AI assistant, SmartHelp first for help with their insurance.

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Customer Experience

Stena Line: Using AI to reroute the way travel companies operate

See how Stena Line ferries use AI to create waves in the travel industry

2 min read

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AI Case Studies

Coop Sweden: Using AI to keep customers loyal to their brand

How grocery retailer, Coop Sweden, uses AI to answer almost 90% of FAQs from over 3 million shoppers

3 min read

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AI isn’t daunting with the right help

Tell us the problem

Tell us the problem

What holds you back from making your business more efficient and growing your profits? That’s where we’ll start. Using conversational AI, we help your team cope better with their workload while mirroring the personal touch that only they can give to your customers. You bring the spirit of your brand, we’ll bring 20+ years of technical know-how.

Talk through your options

Talk through your options

Next, what stops you from becoming the brand you’ve always wanted to be? Let’s look deeper into that. Because it’s our first-class team of conversation designers, linguistics experts, psychologists, analysts and engineers that help make the AI assistant you want to create more successful. We’ll share what’s possible, write what’s natural, and check every conversation.

Launch fast and aim high

Launch fast and aim high

You can have an AI assistant on your website that instantly answers 85% of the most common questions you get from your customers up and running in a few hours.

From there our expert review team will help you discover exactly what your customers want. On your website, mobile app, social media channels, smart speakers, phone line, SMS service, or any other channel you use to interact with your customers. There’s no limit to what you can do with the other 15% 🙂

Perfect your AI

Perfect your AI

In just two weeks your new AI assistant will start to show you where your systems or processes can be improved ― speaking with your customers all day, every day, it quickly uncovers their needs. We share all of this information with you on your own dashboard to help you manage your assistant, so you can be the best version of your brand there is, as fast as possible.

How it works

Recommended reading

Have a mooch around the world of AI. You’ll find clear examples of how conversational AI works in practice and thoughts on why or where it’s relevant. There are long and short reads, whatever you’re in the mood for...

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