Your team care for your customers. For everything else, there is AI.

Whether customers are booking a ticket, making a claim, or asking a question, they are busy and expect a resolution straight away.

An AI assistant is the most powerful self-service tool for your customers, provides instant responses to the majority of their needs, and frees up your amazing team to create extraordinary customer experiences.

Reduction in call, chat or email enquiries after implementing a Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) according to Gartner research.

More interactions. More orders!

Customers often need to ask questions, do research, read reviews, get advice and learn about their options before they make a purchase.

An AI assistant is the most powerful sales automation tool for your business, increasing engagement, retention and order value.

Of customers report using conversational assistants for researching or buying products and services, according to Capgemini research.

Meet some of our AI assistants

Learn about the AI assistants from EBI.AI that are already creating
extraordinary customer experiences.

Property Bot

Jones Lang Laselle
Born 2018
Superpower: Booking in issues for repair


Stena Line
Born 2017
Superpower: Organising your travel

Waste Management Bot

Local council
Born 2018
Superpower: Getting your bins collected

Get Living Assistant

Get Living
Born 2019
Superpower: Connects you to your neighbourhood


Legal and General Insurance
Born 2020
Superpower: Guiding you through quotes and claims


Coop Sverige
Born 2020
Superpower: Suggests the perfect recipes for you

Launch in weeks

Launch an AI Assistant in 4-6 weeks. EBI.AI’s lean development approach ensures a faster, more efficient and more affordable deployment.

Fully managed service

No need to hire and train very specialist skills. Make the most of our specialists through a fully managed service.

Enterprise level features

EBI.AI’s Lobster platform is built with large Enterprises in mind. Auditable, secure, penetration tested and integrated into your business architecture.

"We want to work with proactive tech partners who will lead the way with innovation, which was a big reason why we chose EBI.AI"

Sam Winnard


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