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Your enterprise company has a ton of moving parts. Sure, AI can help you work faster, smarter and cut costs, but how exactly? That’s where we show you what all of that means in the real-life, day-to-day operations of your business. We’ve been working with artificial intelligence since its commercial beginnings, and we’ve been linking all sorts of other software together for 20+ years. So whatever old tech you use now or whichever emerging tech you want to introduce to make your workdays easier or your business more profitable or enjoyable for everyone, we’ll help you work it out.

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EBI.AI is part of EBI Solutions, a data engineering company co-founded in 2001 by our CEO Matthew Doel. Back then, large corporations like ABInBev and Pfizer had to make sense of pockets of data scattered across multiple departments. EBI Solutions connected them, so they could see what was happening across all of their technology systems in one place and make informed business decisions.



As technology got smarter, so did the team at EBI Solutions. When machine learning came along, they were able to start using their data collections to make predictions for their clients. Rather than just analyse and report on the information available, they could use it to understand what was happening in real-time and/or likely to happen in the future. It was the beginning of artificial intelligence.



In the noughties, AI was still the stuff of science fiction. So when Matthew formed EBI.AI in 2014, it was a childhood dream come true to be able to explore the mind-boggling potential of artificial intelligence every day. He’s gone from reading sci-fi as a kid then trying to make his BBC B computer talk, to helping enterprise companies become faster, more reliable, smarter versions of themselves every day.



EBI.AI is full of the most adventurous brains in AI, which is a big part of why every customer who’s chosen our AI platform has stayed with us. We solve 85% of your business challenges from day one and work with you long-term on digital transformation to create the kind of brand experience that keeps your customers coming back to you ― for life.

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“We want to work with proactive tech partners who will lead the way in innovation, which was a big reason why we chose EBI.AI, and ultimately because of their ability to integrate with our app and into our systems.”

Sam Winnard


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We’ve done the hard work already so you can just dive right in

You don’t have to start an AI assistant from scratch or ― worse, use a basic template to make a carbon copy of somebody else’s bad bot. We create personable yet practical assistants, just like the ones you’d hire in real life, to support your team with their work.

The difference is, we’ve been at this for such a long time, we’ve already developed AI that can handle most of what you’ll need your assistant to do. You can have a day-to-day AI assistant live on your website, mobile app, SMS service, smart speakers, phone line, or any device you choose 4-6 weeks from now.

Then we build on that.

You can learn with us as you go before scaling your ideas to create whatever necessary or provocative or ground-breaking features you want using our AI platform.

Our AI platform can handle 85%+ of all the common questions you’ll ever get

Our AI platform can handle 85%+ of all the common questions you’ll ever get

Bringing an AI assistant into your business often (but not always) starts with wanting to free up time and resources, and artificial intelligence is an easy way to do it ― in any industry.

The AI assistant we built for Legal & General Insurance answers 95% of all the queries they get about insurance. Everything from checking what a policy covers and making a claim to requesting documents or updating contact details. An AI assistant we developed for one London borough council can understand 94% of all the questions they’re asked about Council Tax. And Stena Line, one of the world’s leading ferry operators, can trust their EBI AI assistant to answer 95.5% of booking queries from millions of passengers about their 25,000 sailings across 17 routes in Europe.

The human brain is so beautifully complex we don’t believe anything can replace it, but an AI assistant is a genuine accomplice for anyone involved in the everyday running of your business. To clear simple or repetitive tasks so you don’t have to while also building an enviable reputation for your brand, giving customers a better experience with you than they can get anywhere else.

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“Coop wants to build a level of customer experience that is unparalleled in the Swedish retail marketplace. The work that EBI.AI is doing for us gives us a tool to build strong relationships with our customers and support them with an important part of their daily life.”

Amer Mohammad


Lobster AI for Retail: Coop Sweden Read the case study

A few years from now 3/4 of all enterprises will be using AI

A few years from now 3/4 of all enterprises will be using AI

We didn’t make that up ^^ You know as well as we do that artificial intelligence now helps us in every aspect of life and that’s the number Gartner gives us to put into perspective how widespread AI is ― and will be, across every kind of business. At the same time, their recent Buyer Survey reveals that half of B2B buyers are overwhelmed by the volume of information available to them when trying to make a decision like you are now, and 44% find trustworthy sources contradictory ― we sympathise.

AI changes everything.

It’s an investment in both money and mindset.

So we keep things simple at EBI.AI. We want you to enjoy watching an AI assistant learn and grow as much as we do. Whatever you need to know and whatever stage you’re at with your digital transformation, we hope you’ll come to us for a straightforward, honest chat about all things AI.

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“Looking at the ease of use with which my kids just speak to assistants or use technology, it’s staggering. We knew we couldn’t stay the same; we had to evolve. We were looking for a partner with the capability to develop what is still a relatively new product. EBI.AI had the technical capability and we had complete trust and confidence in how they would treat the project.”

Christian Armstrong

Director of Brand, Product & Technology

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Whatever you want to create using conversational AI, we handle all the tech for you

Whatever you want to create using conversational AI, we handle all the tech for you

In what we call your Reef dashboard, you’ll find some of the best brains in our business. Working with the learnings of many years of experimentation and experience. Our team of psychologists and linguistics specialists, engineers and conversation designers, software developers, and tech experts, will all be working with you on your AI assistant. As your partner. Because once your AI assistant is up and running, you can develop it in any way you want to using our AI platform.

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