We started EBI.AI back in 2014 – a childhood dream come true for our founding boffin, Matthew Doel. Inspired by the sci-fi books he grew up with, Matthew has gone from trying to make his BBC B computer talk to pushing the possibilities of artificial intelligence in our labs.

The UK’s most advanced AI team

Although 2014 may sound fairly recent, in the latest incarnation of artificial intelligence and chatbots, that’s basically the beginning. That’s why our expert team is at the absolute forefront of new technology, cutting-edge platforms and out-of-this-world innovations – like our 3D hologram head that reacts to people’s movements and emotions.

Until now, this kind of technology was only possible in science fiction. Our team’s experience means it’s finally a very real and valuable option for brands.

Artificial Intelligence, Humanised

As humans, we crave personal interaction, natural language and characteristics that reflect our own. At EBI.AI we design our artificial intelligence to mimic the way human brains work. Our AI even lets avatars and holograms recognise human faces and emotions, then respond to them to match their mood. It all means people get the human interaction they crave from a brand – even faster and more consistently than they might from a customer service desk.

But it isn’t just AI we’re humanising. We’re humanising the industry.

Artificial intelligence isn’t the future. It’s revolutionising businesses right now. Some people find this scary because they think it means robots are replacing their jobs. In reality, we believe the human brain is so beautifully complex that nothing can replace it. Instead, our bots take on repetitive tasks that leave people free to focus on the more complex, rewarding and valuable projects they actually want to do.

Addressing myths and reservations about artificial intelligence like this is just part of how we’re making our technology more accessible. More human.