AIaaS (AI as a service): AI solutions & services for your company

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If you want access to safe, fast and effective AI solutions to push your whole organisation forwards, but don’t have the time or bandwidth to plan and implement solutions, rely on AIaaS (AI as a Service) instead.

Find out if AIaaS is right for your company, how it works, and how to get started.

What is AIaaS (AI as a Service)?

AI as a Service (AIaaS) is used by enterprises like yours to outsource AI requirements to companies like ours who have many years of experience building AI-powered solutions for business problems.

Since AI is an ever-changing and rapidly moving industry, it might leave you without the bandwidth or expertise to take advantage of AI adoption, potentially missing out on all the benefits. Don’t worry ― AIaaS exists so you can hire someone to do it all for you to ensure you always stay up to date with the latest AI tech.

Is AIaaS suitable for any organisation?

AI is for everyone and, these days, there are no barriers to using it. Our own self-serve platform, AI Studio, is easy to use and affordable for organisations of all sizes from start ups to enterprises to build and manage AI assistants.

However, what we see is an increasing demand for more bespoke requirements, usually from bigger enterprises with a minimum of £5,000 to spend on either a one off bespoke project or monthly retainer. This enables your whole organisation to take advantage of AI safely, quickly and securely. 

4 common reasons for using AIaaS

There are lots of reasons to outsource AI ― even if it’s just because you want to, but the four most common reasons for using AIaaS are:

1. Lack of expertise

Chief AI Officer – CAIO is a new job title some of the biggest companies in the world are now recruiting for, but although there’s demand for AI expertise, it’s something most organisations simply don’t have. Of course, it’s not just the CAIO hat’s required but the AI engineers and the huge salaries that go with.

2. Lack of bandwidth

Forward-thinking companies are already using AI to answer the majority of their routine customer queries, which undoubtedly creates huge time savings. But AI can do more than enable better customer support.

Yet, finding the time and identifying the right opportunities to introduce AI across your whole organisation can be difficult especially knowing where to start. Since AI benefits every department, from customer service to marketing and HR to finance, one team can struggle to tackle every requirement in a way that’s cost and time effective for your organisation. This can lead to an overlap in resources, cross-departmental projects and implementations that never get off the ground.

3. Inability to scale AI across the whole organisation

By outsourcing implementation to an AI expert you’ll get a holistic view of AI-driven data across your whole organisation and tie any new AI initiatives together. This ensures you have one centralised area of expertise managing your AI initiatives for you.

4. Lack of knowledge around security requirements

65% of pharmaceutical companies have banned AI in the workplace due to worries about how to bring LLMs into their organisation safely. Alternatively, Moderna has created more than 750 custom GPTs to do all manner of things like “help its drug researchers select vaccine doses for testing and its lawyers quickly scan contracts” (other pharma companies like Amgen and Genmab are following suit). If you’re ready to embrace AI and address concerns about security and information management, you can with AIaaS, since we will be responsible for this and have the ideas and knowledge you need to build AI solutions safely, quickly and effectively.

How AIaaS works

There are two ways to access AIaaS:

1. Monthly retainer

Add your tasks, goals or dreams to an ideas board for expert teams like ours to work through month on month, in line with your budget and requirements. AI can quickly become an integral part of your operations with any department or team member able to contribute to your AI evolution. This is the quickest and easiest way to move to an AI culture embracing innovation & cost savings across your organisation.

2. One-off projects

Unlike the monthly retainer where you have a list of goals and tasks for us to work through, you can pick one project to be priced up and worked on. The joy of AIaaS is, once you’ve found an AI provider you can rely on, they can advise on and action all your AI-powered plans for you.

Real world examples of AIaaS

People in all kinds of industries are using AI to transform their operations and, over our 10 years of implementing bespoke AI solutions, we’ve seen too many to mention them all. Here’s just a few examples of recent projects:

  • Upload any documents like contracts, reports, handbooks, manuals, statements or syllabus sheets ― as many as you like, and have an AI assistant instantly retrieve and present information from them. This allows users to simply ask the enquiry they want resolved and the AI will return easy to read information.
  • Use an AI assistant to intelligently sort through your siloed data from across different systems and present it from one centralised point for instant answers to specific questions, eg.
    • How many customers requested support on mobile?
    • How many hours have we assigned to business development?
    • How many stocks do we hold?
    • What’s the most common next step in the user journey?
    • Who worked on our project as the Support Lead?
  • Introduce AI to your telephone system to route calls instantly and effectively without delays or passing customers around departments.

AI-supported initiatives like this increased customer satisfaction by 67% for Barking & Dagenham Council.

–> You’ll find more success stories here.

Get started with AIaaS

Book a call with us to chat through the biggest challenges you’d like AI to solve in your organisation ― we’re here for it. Let us add AI to your processes, save time, money and create a competitive advantage together.


What benefits can AIaaS partnerships offer beyond cost and scalability?

Successful AIaaS partnerships provide personalised consultancy, ongoing support, and strategic guidance, so you can maximise the benefits of AI technologies and drive long-term business success.

How can AIaaS drive competitive advantage in the market?

AIaaS gives businesses a competitive edge by offering advanced AI solutions that create superior customer experiences, automate processes, and deliver data-driven insights to transform your decision-making process. Using AIaaS means you can stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly AI-driven world, taking on the hottest opportunities for innovation and growth.

What impact does AIaaS have on workforce productivity and efficiency?

AIaaS optimises workforce productivity by automating routine or repetitive tasks, improving and speeding up workflows, and making sure employees can enjoy focusing on higher-value activities as well as take advantage of all the opportunities AI presents them with. You end up with increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved overall business performance.