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Total calls, emails & live chats

Move the slider above to match your total customer service load per month (including calls, emails and live chats).
To calculate accurate savings for your business, put your real figures in the boxes below to replace these benchmarks.

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your average hourly rate for customer service rep / agent (including costs such as training, equipment, recruitment)

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Cost savings are just one of the many operational benefits an AI assistant can deliver

We’ve helped thousands of experts like you, create their business case for an AI assistant and unlock transformational benefits across all their customer service metrics.

If you want to do further research you can read about how to work through your savings calculations and download our business case canvas.

We also have lots of live case studies from happy clients covering cost savings, headcount reduction, 24-hour capacity, customer loyalty and more

…and don’t forget if you ever get stuck just chat to our own AI assistant Clawson – he’ll help you navigate any FAQs.

What our clients say

“EBI.AI gives us a tool to build strong relationships with customers and a level of customer experience unparalleled in the Swedish retail marketplace.”
Amer Mohammad
“SmartHelp assists customers by making useful information more readily available in ways that haven’t been possible before, and therefore reducing pressure on our service centres”
Claire Hird
“Our AI assistant Mia, saved us headcount and a huge range of digital transformation to benefit our customer. We couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution”
John Branigan