What can you use an AI assistant for?

To date, AI assistants have typically been used to help customer facing teams in industries like retail, insurance, property, travel, and leisure to cut call volumes, increase sales, and create amazing customer experiences. Yet there’s more. So much more. You can use an AI assistant to connect people with your products or services, any time of the day or night, whatever your industry, vocation or purpose.

And if you’re new to AI assistants, already have a basic chatbot you’re not happy with, or want to try a new platform to manage it, you can use ours for free for one month to see how you like it.

Here’s just a handful of the enquiries we’ve had lately about using an AI assistant to help with all manner of things.

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Inspire younger people, allow for anonymity when asking questions, and digitalise traditionally non-digital services.

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Show people how to use the site and answer practical but also personal questions to give people confidence and support.

Group 20725


Find new ways to attract candidates, answer their questions about job roles or tell them about qualifications they need.

Group 20729


Help businesses and individuals explore pension plans that suit highly specifics requirements, calculate costs, and understand investments.

Group 20731


Showcase sales promotions, manage Black Friday deals or other seasonal offers, and process the sale right through to feedback.

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Help people find their closest campsite, let them know a time to check in, answer questions about facilities and if they can bring their dog 🐾

Group 20733


Answer questions about delivery in real-time, wherever the shipment is in the world, translating responses into more than 100 languages.

Group 20735


Keep people on track by making it easy for them to book into or rearrange gym classes 24/7 and set themselves goals.

Group 20739


Let people search for and book services at a time that’s convenient to them, plus send reminders so their car stays road legal.

Group 20741

Food delivery

Handle orders, delivery and feedback in one place, giving real-time responses ― any time, for delays or problems as food arrives.

Group 20743


Keep customers loyal and attract new ones with instant information about games, free bets, bonuses, and highlight responsible gambling.

Group 20746


Give passengers real-time flight information and access to services and information on digital channels they’re already using, like WhatsApp.


We can’t wait to see what YOU’RE working on!

It’s never been easier to create and manage your own AI assistant:

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Answer simple or complex queries

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Increase customer engagement

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Improve your efficiency

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Integrate with business systems


You can start now and don’t need any technical expertise to set one up.

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