How to make a successful business case for a chatbot (cheat sheet included)

Natalie Smithson
AI enthusiast | Tea addict | Focused on using AI assistants to win the working week

If you’ve identified a chatbot would transform your customer service, but need buy-in from other members of your organisation, you’re in luck! We’ve got the perfect cheat sheet

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Get buy-in for a chatbot launch in 2024 with our cheat sheet

This isn’t a cheat sheet for the launch of a basic chatbot, by the way, but for an advanced AI assistant that can grow and evolve with your business. In just 15 minutes it’ll be ready to help cut contact volumes, deal with staff shortages, improve inefficiencies, automate sales and transactions, and offer an out-of-hours service when your contact centres are closed ― all for less budget.

Isn’t that the dream?

2024 is the year to make it happen because the use of AI is growing FAST.

Back in 2019, there were less than 3 billion interactions with retail AI chatbots. Now, Juniper Research estimates it’s a whopping 22 billion. Costs have fallen dramatically too. Launch an AI assistant on our platform and you only pay for your usage, with no hidden fees.

There’s nothing to stand in your way.

CS leaders everywhere are experiencing fantastic results

There are many great case studies across all sorts of sectors to help boost your business case alongside this cheat sheet. Like the success of Mytime Active, a leisure provider who successfully handled a considerably higher volume of customer enquiries during the worst of the pandemic.

They came out the other side thriving:

  • Made a fast recovery from covid, driven by an AI assistant launch
  • Used next-gen chatbot technology to create an AI assistant that could quickly take on 97% of inbound enquires
  • Swiftly managed nationwide customer communications around every constant tweak to legal, medical and government rules at that time, thanks to their AI assistant
  • Found AI automation especially valuable for real-time requests for information, like opening hours and booking information
  • Took the pressure off CS teams, so they could focus on covid recovery, NPS (net promoter score), and other profit-driving initiatives to get the business operating back at its best

If you want the same results for your own customer experience teams but need buy-in to get it, download this cheat sheet 👇 Give your stakeholders all the stats they need to make an informed decision about launching the most advanced AI assistant.