Mytime Active: Digital transformation of a leisure business in less than six months

When leisure provider, Mytime Active, first considered adding an AI assistant to their website, they weren’t convinced their members would take to it.

They’d already digitalised their services by putting customer information on their website and app but sensed customers were reluctant to use it or there was a lack of understanding.

Introducing conversational AI has changed everything for Mytime. All their members have to do now is talk.

Find out how Mytime’s AI assistant Mia was trained to satisfy 97% of customer queries and cut call volumes, why live chat is so important, and how Mia has become the team member all others depend on.

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“Without our AI assistant Mia call volumes would have continued at an exceptionally high level and we are confident the system has saved us the equivalent of two additional heads due to us being open seven days a week. I believe out of the huge range of customer digital transformation I have delivered that Mia has been one of the best projects and has delivered consistently since being installed. Honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better company or solution for our AI based chat system.”

John Branigan


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