Integrate with apps and systems to keep growing the value of your AI assistant

You want an AI assistant that’s fast and efficient in dealing with routine enquiries. All a customer sees is the benefit of an instant answer to their question, yet behind the scenes, an extraordinary amount goes on. Your AI assistant is continuously growing and when you link it up with your business systems, there’s no limit to what it can do for you and your customers, and the potential savings are huge.

Car test drive

Your customer wants to book in for a test drive. Your AI assistant can pull in the names and images of different cars from your system to show them which ones are available. Right there in the chat. The customer can then easily confirm which one they’d like to drive and book in online.

AI Assistant

Based on the choices your customer makes, your AI assistant then pulls in different information from your same system to match their preference. Here, it shows models of car in the 2 series, so they can choose which one to test drive.

Your AI assistant can link up with multiple business systems all at once. After pulling in a list of car models, your AI assistant can now check a separate database you hold for test drive locations to find out which one is closest to the person making the enquiry. It can then connect with that dealership through your systems to check availability for the test drive.

By the time your customer sees the available car dealership options, your AI assistant has already checked they have a 2 series Coupe available for your customer to test drive. It won’t recommend a dealership that doesn’t, even if it’s on the person’s doorstep. Next, your AI assistant pulls in available dates to confirm the booking with your customer ― all in an instant.

How does this differ to what you can do with a chatbot?

You can’t integrate with a basic chatbot. You can only use it to direct customers to the right place. In this case, to collect contact details to manually book in test drives over the phone.


Your salesperson has to spend their time making contact with the customer to take all the details an advanced AI assistant could have done for you in seconds online. And if they’re on the phone, they can’t attend to customers who walk onto the forecourt wanting to chat face-to-face and test drive there and then.

Ferry booking

Your customer has a routine question about a trip they booked to Belfast. Your ferry company runs 17 routes around Europe, so first needs to find out where they’re going.

AI Assistant

Your AI assistant now needs to check all the available routes to Belfast before it can tell the customer if their ferry crossing is running on time. To do that, it pulls in information from the ferry company database. If all routes from Belfast are running as planned, it confirms with the customer.

If some of the routes from Belfast are delayed, your AI assistant will know to clarify which port your customer is sailing from, so it can give the right answer.

Your AI assistant uses a separate integration to pull in information from a web page that hosts sailing updates, so your customer gets up to the minute travel information for their exact route, right there in the chat.

Booking queries

Your customer wants to check something and has their booking reference to hand, so your AI assistant looks them up on your booking system to give them an instant answer to their query.

AI Assistant

The booking reference gives the AI assistant all the information it needs to check details from your booking system, like passport requirements. If your customer doesn’t have their booking reference to hand, the AI assistant can find them on the system using other information instead, but the conversation will change path. The customer clicking “I don’t know it” is the prompt for this.

The booking reference is also a great way to integrate with your booking system behind the scenes if your customer wants to amend their booking. In this case, the customer wants to change the date they sail. With the booking reference, your AI assistant can produce a deep link that takes your customer straight to their booking page online without the many clicks it takes to log into a website.

The link in the chat takes your customer to the web page you normally use for amendments, but the best part is, your AI assistant automatically pulls through their travel information to pre-populate the form. If you don’t want to use your web page, you can always make amendments directly in the chat just by integrating your AI assistant with your booking system in a slightly different way.

Recipe finder

Your customer is looking for something new to eat and although you have a lot of recipes on your website, it takes time to search. Here, your AI assistant can pull out information from your recipe store and show the customer right away, based on the kind of recipe they’re looking for.

To personalise the experience further, you can offer to swap ingredients for customers if they don’t like the ones in the recipe. Here, the AI assistant connects to a third-party app, specifically designed to find alternative ingredients for dishes while maintaining the original flavour. Your customer then has a convenient way to shop with the flexibility they crave.

With our unique platform there’s no limit to the number of integrations you can use with your AI assistant to keep it evolving. Create your own or ask us to do it for you.