The only platform with everything you’ll ever need for a truly successful AI assistant

It’s easy to set up a chatbot these days and have it answer some basic questions, but AI has moved on. Use our custom-built platform to create an advanced AI assistant that can evolve with your business. We’ve included all the things we know you need to launch quickly and grow over time.

Create your ownLet us do it for you


Your AI assistant can live on any digital channel (or phone line) and in many places at once.


If you want to create and manage your own AI assistant, it’s easy to do and you don’t need any technical skill

Create your AI assistant

  • Choose a name
  • Select an avatar
  • Change colours
  • Add your logo
  • Select location

Add to your responses

  • Images
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Carousels

Enhance your service

  • Edit responses
  • Add integrations
  • Add new use cases
  • Use multiple languages
  • Add channels and locations


Our expert team works in the background to review and improve the performance of every AI assistant on our platform

Group 7108

NLP training

Improve question recognition

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Group 7107

Refine conversation flow

Expert conversation design practice

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Group 7106

Conversation review

Identify new use cases

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Quickly connect your AI assistant with other business systems you use

Group 7072
Group 7071
Group 7069
Group 7068
Group 7057
Group 7055
Mask Group 477
Mask Group 476
Mask Group 475
Mask Group 449
Mask Group 470
Mask Group 472
Mask Group 473
Mask Group 474


We designed our own messenger window from scratch to make sure every chat is enjoyable

Add widgets and visuals

Keep chats from being too text-heavy

Handover to live agents

It’s easy to pass people over to your team

Keep data safe

Redact personal information from chats


Whichever AI service best suits your needs, that’s the one we’ll use

Image 258


Image 263


Image 259


Image 280


Image 265

Amazon Lex


Performance data is simplified in clear terms so you can see how your AI assistant is doing any time

EBI.AI platform AI assistants reporting dashboard

Conversation count

Popular topics

Busiest time of day

Clawson support

Busiest day of week

Success rate


Expect enterprise-grade security throughout with your every compliance responsibility taken care of

Group 7113

Regular penetration testing

Group 7118

Removal of personal data

Group 7111

Accessible to WCAG 2.1 AA standard

Group 7112

GDPR compliant

Group 7114

Move securely between channels

Group 7117

SOC 2 compliant data centres UK/EU

Group 7116

99.99% uptime


100+ Languages

100+ Languages

One of the best things about having an advanced AI assistant is your customers can talk to it in any way that suits them. They aren’t restricted by forms or check boxes or rules, they can type freely and ask exactly what they want to ― in any language, and still get an instant answer. Your AI assistant reads and replies in more than 100 languages with perfect ease.


If you ever want to know something about AI assistants or need help or technical support to create and manage your own, you can chat with our resident AI assistant, Clawson.

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