How Get Living property developers use AI to move people into homes (and settle them in) giving agents more time to help

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Key challenges

Director of Brand, Product & Technology, Christian Armstrong, wanted to do more than move his clients into their build to rent apartments with bars, restaurants and sports facilities on-site, he wanted to settle them into their new neighbourhood.

  • Meeting people at apartments to show them round in person meant Get Living agents could only help one customer at a time
  • New residents were wasting their time having to find out where to park or wait for an agent to let them in
  • Any delay in the process could burst the excitement of the move-in bubble

Key results

Christian booked a call with us to find out how launching an AI assistant could help and, after launching their AI assistant, Evie, there was nothing to hold tenants back from feeling immediately comfortable in their new surroundings.

  • Evie helps new residents park up and let themselves in
  • Agent time is no longer tied to one customer at one property
  • Important tasks like completing the rental inventory no longer get forgotten about or need to be chased up
Image of Evie AI assistant avatar (black

Notable breakthroughs along the way

  • Residents can talk to Evie using smart speakers in their new home at any time of the day or night
  • AI helps the property developers uncover patterns in resident behaviour that transforms their insight, so they can improve the customer experience
  • The Get Living support team benefits just as much as residents do from the use of AI

It takes just 10 minutes to launch an AI assistant

A few years ago, it would have been a long-winded, expensive and highly technical process for Get Living to launch an AI assistant. Our unique platform takes all that pain away:

All you need to get started is your website url ― it’s that simple!

Screen on EBI.AI AI Studio platform where you are asked to enter the URL for your website to automatically create an AI assistant using its content

Keeping momentum in the build to rent market

Before launching Evie, Christian knew Get Living had to explore new technologies to help customers settle into the flexible lifestyle they were looking for. “Looking at the ease of use with which my kids just speak to assistants or use technology, it’s staggering,” he says. “We knew we couldn’t stay the same; we had to evolve.”

Get Living chose the name Evie and use their logo as inspiration for the avatar. They have full control over every response their AI assistant sends out to their valuable customers, which can be edited any time.

Everything Christian’s team needs to check Evie’s progress is on their client dashboard:

EBI.AI client dashboard showing AI assistant conversation trends and data - property queries
(Data shown is for illustrative purposes only)

Using AI to change the way people move home

Christian had two options to develop an AI assistant. Try to build one in-house or use an established platform to create one. Since Get Living is expert in housing, not AI, they chose our advanced platform to make the best use of advanced artificial intelligence, without the headache of managing the technology. “We were looking for a partner with the capability to develop what is still a relatively new product,” says Christian.

Evie is just the start.

An experienced rental manager, Christian knows how exciting move-in day is for residents. Now Evie moves people into their stylish, city apartments, tenants instantly get everything they need to join a thriving community of renters:

  • Get Living customers can park up and let themselves in
    Evie lets new residents know where to park their car or chain up their bike, then gives them help using an electric fob to unlock their new front door.
  • Evie reminds new residents to fill out the inventory
    There’s so much happening all at once on move-in day, Evie is there to remind people about the important things, so they don’t get forgotten about.
  • AI makes it easy for people to show off their new pad
    When someone comes to help unpack boxes or have a look around, Evie shows new residents how to use the intercom to let their visitors in.
  • Evie keeps people informed about things, so they can relax
    Nobody likes it when things go wrong, which is why Evie makes sure every new resident knows about the Get Living app, which they can use to quickly report any problems.
  • Residents can ask Evie for help any time, day or night
    People want to feel protected, which is why Evie’s trained to help residents understand safety features like the sprinkler system and window catches.
  • AI handles the routine stuff so residents can focus on fun
    Getting your first parcel in your new home is exciting – what if it’s a moving-in gift and not the broadband router? Evie lets people know where to go to pick up their parcels.

Next-gen AI assistants learn what residents need

Every new conversation with Evie trains the AI assistant to instantly answer more questions from residents, so Evie can help with everything they ever need to do or want to know. That’s why an AI assistant is ‘intelligent’, because it’s learning and improving all the time, based on what people ask it in real time.

Ask Evie 150 questions. Examples include

Tenants can speak to Evie at home or on the go

“With a feedback functionality, the Get Living AI assistant is a crucial tool for our team in understanding our residents’ needs so we can continue to improve our personal service and rental offer,” says Christian.

On the left is a Google home device and on the right a mobile chat window. AI assistant Evie says:

AI isn’t the future of property management, it’s already here

Moving into a Get Living rental apartment is as easy as checking into a hotel. The difference is, with Evie on board, there’s no waiting around while staff are busy dealing with other people or doing other tasks.

Get Living’s new residents can immediately start living life in their new home. From watching a video on their phone that shows them how to turn the heating on, to taking a stroll in the local area for a drink or bite to eat.

Evie guides the whole move-in process, giving Get Living property managers time to focus on what’s next for the build to rent market, creating enviable, fluid spaces where people can happily live and work.

A young man leans on a wooden counter holding a smartphone. There is a Google home speaker next to him he's looking at.

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