Want an AI assistant but worry about security and compliance? Our platform stands up to the strictest onboarding process

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You might love the idea of every customer having their own personal AI assistant on hand 24/7, but are also thinking there’s no way you’ll get the idea through your rigorous security checks. You needn’t worry. Our advanced platform comes with all the security information you’ll need readily available.

Clients like Legal & General are already using our platform to enhance their customer experience with the use of an AI assistant. One that recognises people and knows their account, so the customer doesn’t have to repeatedly confirm general details. That can process requests without a fuss and even pre-empt issues they might have.

83% of customers who’ve used the Legal & General AI assistant now go back to it first time, rather than send a message or call in.

A client in the financial services industry saw a 12% drop in calls just six weeks after going live with their AI assistant on our platform.

You can have the same.

AI assistants you can rely on for banks, insurance firms and financial providers

Being responsible for customer data is arguably one of the most complex roles in any organisation, so it’s only natural you’ll have concerns about security and privacy. Data rules and regulations continually change, and you have to keep up with all the pieces of technology that are processing your customer data at any one time.

We get it.

Your data privacy review process might be intense, but our stringent security protocols are already approved for clients in heavily regulated industries, including financial services customers that manage hundreds of billions of client assets.

  • We’ve been working in data management with EBI Solutions for more than twenty years. Our deep understanding of the importance of data privacy and security informs our cutting-edge work with AI assistants.
  • Any personal information within conversations between your AI assistant and your customers is automatically removed (redacted).
  • To make sure our systems are secure, they’re penetration tested every year by an external agency that has CREST membership.
  • If you need to know our policy on data protection, information technology, change management, risk management, security, and more, we can share information from approved documents to help get you through even the most difficult of onboarding procedures

Security reviews can take time (sometimes a long time!). Previously the Lead Architect on artificial intelligence projects for Lloyds Banking Group, our CTO has personal experience of the kind of pressure you’re under. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Read the Legal & General case study to find out why they say their AI assistant “makes useful information more readily available to customers in ways that haven’t been possible before”.

Personalised AI-driven conversations with your customers 24/7

Through integration with your business systems, an advanced AI assistant can safely access all the same information your team does today. Including looking up contract information, paying into an ISA, and setting up business accounts ― whatever your customers need, on demand.

Use an AI assistant to help your customers:

  • Open accounts
  • Check banking balances
  • Make money transfers
  • Make deposits
  • Process insurance claims
  • Update personal details

To find out more about account security, compliance, cloud security and change management, see our information security page.

Transform your customer experience

If you’re keen to find out how one of our AI assistants can help you, let’s talk! We can give you a demo and talk through any worries you have specific to your organisation or industry.