Legal & General Insurance: Using AI to answer 4,000 customer queries a month

SmartHelp, the AI assistant we created for Legal & General Insurance*, is successfully answering 95% of their most essential customer enquiries ― every day and all night, even when their customer contact centres are closed.

Helping with everything from instant quotes, renewing a policy or checking its finer detail, cancelling a premium or making a claim, SmartHelp gets Legal & General Insurance customers talking and it’s great for their business too.

Legal & General Insurance can immediately see when there’s an increase in a particular type of question so they can give SmartHelp the answer. Or if there’s often a busier time of day or day of the week, they can better allocate their resources. And when there’s a shift in consumer behaviour that needs a fast response, they can help more people with insurance queries and in real-time too.

Legal & General Insurance, part of LV= General Insurance Group

Find out why 83% of SmartHelp users turn to the Legal & General AI assistant first for help with their insurance

“SmartHelp assists customers by making useful information more readily available in ways that haven’t been possible before, and therefore reducing pressure on our service centres.”

Claire Hird

Operations Director

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