How OpenAI’s ChatGPT and LLMs like GPT-4 are transforming customer support chatbots

Natalie Smithson
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If like millions of other people you’ve enjoyed playing around with ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat or Claude, wait ‘til you see how the revolutionary technology that supports these applications is transforming customer support. We’ll share how large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4, which supports ChatGPT, are being used to launch customer support chatbots in record time and automate AI training, ready for you to cut your contact volumes, tackle staff shortages, and offer customers a 24-hour service.


  • With the integration of LLMs, we can significantly expand the capabilities of next generation AI assistants to transform customer support services.
  • Using LLMs, your AI assistant can now go live in less than 10 minutes using only your website URL to set it up ready for launch.
  • LLMs are used to automate training for your AI assistant, so it continues to evolve, and responses it sends to your customers stay the same every time.
  • Now we’re using LLMs to create AI assistants in minutes and automate training, you can hit a high success rate in record time with a 99% rate of success already proven.
  • Our platform includes a human in the loop, so LLM content never feeds directly into your live customer conversations ― you approve all content first.

What are LLMs like GPT and PaLM?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has created huge awareness around text-based generative AI. It doesn’t have a conscious understanding of what it’s writing like we do, but produces coherent text by simply predicting what the next word in a sequence might be. To do this, ChatGPT and other text generators use a type of machine learning called a large language model (LLM).

The LLM that supports ChatGPT is called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and OpenAI release new versions of their model over time, from GPT-2 to GPT-3.5, then GPT-4.

Other notable LLMs include PaLM from Google, LLaMA from Meta, and Claude from Anthropic, but new models and enhancements are emerging all the time.

The most advanced AI assistants already use natural language processing (NLP) to recognise what your customers are saying. Now, with the integration of LLMs, we can significantly expand those capabilities to transform your customer care.

Launch a customer service chatbot in 10 minutes using LLMs

AI assistants like ours are already in the process of displacing traditional chatbots because of their speed, low cost and accuracy, and using LLMs, your AI assistant can now go live in less than 10 minutes using only your website URL to set it up. In as little as two minutes, your AI assistant is now ready to become an instant expert on your brand, business, and customer needs.

Platform screen showing a box to input your website url

Turn your web content into a fully-functioning AI assistant

LLMs help us pull in information from your website and use it to automatically produce a list of question-and-answer sequences for your AI assistant to work from (we call these flows). This means all the content you’ve already approved for talking about your products, services and offers can be used to instantly create an AI assistant that knows how to answer customer questions. You don’t need to do anything but check you’re happy with the wording of each flow, or if you’d rather not use it, simply unpublish it.

When your AI assistant starts replying directly to customer questions, the response for each topic stays the same every time, so customers can come to rely on accurate, up-to-date responses whenever they need help, and they’ll get it instantly.

Get expert suggestions to add, update or develop your flows

Once you go live, our expert team of language experts, psychologists and writers review conversations customers are having with your AI assistant to make sure it’s always working at peak performance ― PII (personal information) is automatically removed. Working behind the scenes as your human in the loop, we send you suggestions for flows you can add to train your AI assistant on new topics of conversation with your customers, making sure it’s always up to speed with what they want to know. All you need to do is accept or reject the training suggestions and nothing goes into a flow without your approval.

Manual updates

If you want to add a new flow of your own, LLMs can help here too. To train your AI assistant manually, you’ll want to give it a few different examples of how a question might be phrased by different people. “I want to buy a t-shirt,” “what t-shirts are available,” and “have you got any T-shirts on sale” are all effectively the same question. If you can give your AI assistant a few different examples of phrasing to learn from, it’ll soon pick up the link. Within our platform, you can use LLMs to generate alternate phrasing ideas instantly. An LLM like GPT-4 has absorbed so much information from so many different places, it’ll never be short of suggestions to keep you moving through the process. Just accept the suggested phrases you want to use.

Hit the highest success rates faster with LLM support

The average success rate for the advanced AI assistants we create is 96%. If your AI assistant can recognise a request from your customer, understood what they need, and given a helpful response without any input from your customer contact team, that’s a successful interaction. Competitor platforms like Intercom have used GPT-4 to achieve a 50% success rate, but a 99% success rate is achievable. Bearing in mind around 1% of questions will always be either irrelevant (like someone asking a travel company what the football score is) or ones the AI assistant isn’t yet trained to answer, so there is no 100%.

Now we’re using LLMs to create AI assistants in minutes and to automate their training, you can hit a high success rate in record time, but you need an advanced platform with NLP included, a human in the loop, and all the tools and features you need to grow your AI assistant easily over time to do it. With an advanced conversational AI platform like ours, you don’t need to know anything about AI, LLMs, GPT-4, or LLaMA to instantly better your customer experience.

Take advantage of all the latest LLM releases from the safety of our platform

Watching people experiment with ChatGPT in particular, you might be nervous about accuracy. We are too. That’s why trusted and experienced AI providers won’t be suggesting LLM content feeds directly into your live customer conversations without your approval first. There’s potential for this in the future, but it’s a long way off.

We’ve put eight years’ worth of AI knowledge and 21+ years of data engineering experience into our AI Studio platform, so you can easily create and manage your own AI assistant while taking full advantage of advanced AI. Thanks to our human in the loop system and conversation review service, your AI assistant will operate at a safe level of accuracy from the minute it starts talking to your customers, since our expert team is always there to guide you.

We’ll continue to implement new LLM releases so you can safely benefit from them without the risk that comes with experimentation, and focus all your attention on giving your customers the most sophisticated level of support.


Can I use ChatGPT for customer support?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for customer support. ChatGPT is a text-generating AI that uses a large language model (LLM) called GPT-4 to understand natural language processing (NLP) and can answer questions, write stories, and create sophisticated essays and documents. However, using ChatGPT directly for customer support may not be the most accurate or efficient option. Our platform offers an AI assistant that uses LLMs like GPT-4 to automate training and improve accuracy, making customer support faster and more efficient, without sacrificing on the quality of your interactions with customers.

How can LLMs like GPT-4 transform customer support?

LLMs like GPT-4 can be used to automate the training of AI assistants, making the process faster and more accurate. This can help to cut contact volumes, tackle staff shortages, and offer a 24-hour service.

Do I need to know anything about AI or LLMs to benefit from using them for customer support?

No, you do not, although it’s advisable to understand the basics of how LLMs work. Our platform allows you to use GPT-4 to generate alternate phrasing ideas instantly and make the process of setting up an AI assistant for customers even easier.

Is it safe to use LLMs like GPT-4 for customer support?

Yes, it can be safe to use LLMs like GPT-4 for customer support, depending on how you use them. Our platform has a human in the loop team to ensure accuracy and guide you through the process of setting up an AI assistant. We also collate content you’ve already produced for your business and feed it into your AI assistant to make it an instant expert on your brand, business, and customer needs. This mitigates the risks of relying on solely on LLMs to interact with your customers.