Stena Line: Using AI to reroute the way travel companies operate

The Stena Line AI assistant has been around for the long haul in an ever-evolving world of AI. One of the world’s largest ferry operators, they’ve used AI to keep in constant contact with customers on their social media channels, mobile app, websites in six languages, and even explored a hologram for onboard their ferries. Using artificial intelligence, Stena Line helps their passengers find answers to their questions before they’ve even stepped foot on a ferry, right through to their destination and beyond.

Stena Line now relies on their AI assistant to answer 99% of the most common questions they get asked daily by customers, freeing up their time to create yet more technologically advanced experiences for their passengers.

Read our case study to find out what keeps the Stena Line AI assistant going strong.

Understand why human involvement is so important to the success of AI.

And how our AI platform helps you stay captain of your own AI ship, while not having to deal with the technology at all.

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“A wholehearted venture on AI assistants and smart algorithms is the foundation of the digital transformation that will take this ferry company to the next level.”

Digital Project of the Year

Panel of Gala CIO Awards Sweden

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