Why you need NLP (natural language processing) to turn chats into conversation

When customers need help, a basic chatbot can only broadcast information. What people really need is someone to talk to. A two-way, natural conversation where they can ask questions in their own words, change the subject if they need to, and even exchange pleasantries. Conversational AI with NLP gives you that, which is why we never create our advanced AI assistants without it.


In the early days of AI, a chatbot would pop up on a website to ask if you needed help but could only answer a limited number of questions. And only if you asked the question in the exact right way. That’s not how human conversation works, so the outcome was almost always frustrating.

Conversation with a chatbot through phone

For conversational AI to be successful, we need computers to be able to recognise what we say, however we say it, and talk back to us. NLP gives us this breakthrough. Your AI assistant can rely on NLP to help it understand the natural flow of human conversation using several techniques.

Machine learning

NLP learns about language from enormous amounts of data in text format (training data) and language from real-life AI conversations. The incredible thing is the vast amount of information it can absorb quickly and never forget.

AI assistant uses machine learning

Neural networks

Neural networks are a subset of machine learning and have massively improved the performance of NLP using powerful computing systems. They also introduce pre-trained language models that are less intensive for NLP to learn.

AI assistant uses neural networks


We review every conversation your AI assistant has with your customers, so it also learns the language unique to your business, like the names of your products or services or practices. So it quickly becomes an expert in everything you do.

AI assistant training with our team

The use of AI alongside our training results in a natural, easy conversation between your customer and your AI assistant. Customers are easily understood, and their problem is quickly solved.

Forget all the bad chatbots you’ve seen before

Using NLP means your customers have a great experience chatting with your AI assistant because, with NLP, conversational AI feels like a real conversation. So your team can handle the tricky or sensitive conversations while your AI assistant does the rest.

Your Team

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Complicated or sensitive queries

An AI assistant gives your team more time to lean on their empathy and skill to handle queries that are more complex to solve

Your AI

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Routine enquiries

Conversational AI with NLP means instant and accurate, yet natural engagement with customers wanting to do everyday things


You can think of AI automation without NLP as a frustrating game of guessing what phrase you need to say to get the robot to understand you. Whereas an AI assistant with NLP can recognise requests in natural, everyday language. This transforms a basic chatbot into a sophisticated conversational AI assistant that can bring heart to a conversation, just like you or I would.

One-third of technical leaders are increasing the NLP budget

A recent Gradient Flow study found that 53% of technical leaders increased their NLP budget by at least 10% between 2019 and 2020. Almost a third by at least 30%.

All our AI assistants include NLP as a natural part of our platform, so you can:

  • Better understand what your customer wants to know
  • Get to grips with ambiguity in the everyday language people use
  • Put conversation into context, just like you do

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