Coop Sweden: Using Lobster AI to revamp retail

Lobster AI for Coop Sweden case study

Coop Sweden is using Lobster AI to build stronger, deeper relationships with every one of its customers in over 800 grocery stores via their AI assistant, Cooper.

An AI assistant like Cooper will remember everything about every customer you ever serve. Forever. Talking regularly with your customers to find out what’s fresh and what’s off about your products or your brand, so you can expand successful lines or tweak your display.

When you know what your customers want ― right now ― it’s easier to follow the fashion.

And be the best of the bunch when buyers browse in-store, offline, or both.

“Coop wants to build a level of customer experience that is unparalleled in the Swedish retail marketplace. The work that EBI.AI is doing for us gives us a tool to build strong relationships with our customers and support them with an important part of their daily life”.

Amer Mohammad


Find out how grocery retailer, Coop Sweden, uses Lobster AI to keep customers loyal to their brand

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