How to combine API and AI to help every customer instantly (the easy way)

AI assistant integrations

You’re no stranger to using APIs and know artificial intelligence can give your business a boost, but how do they work together? We’ve got everything you need for instant success in one simple platform.

You can buy a bot off the shelf or you can develop an advanced AI assistant from scratch. To get the freedom you need to adapt to trends and changes in the future, what you really need is the flexibility to do both at the same time. Start fast, but with the ability to add as many bells and whistles as you want later on. Like integration with apps and systems to complete more tasks automatically to take the pressure off your team.

An advanced AI assistant is your best customer support and sales person all in one

Our AI assistants can be trained to understand and process thousands of requests at great speed. You already know that’s the biggest pull for using AI in business.

Using our 20+ years of experience in data engineering, our advanced platform for creating and managing an AI assistant brings everything together: proper computing and advanced uses for AI all in one place. That means your AI assistant can pull in information from business systems and perform actions too. Finding information and then knowing what to do with it to help solve problems, just like the rest of your team.

AI + data engineering = job done

API for AI assistants

When customers come to you for help, using an AI assistant is the fastest way to find out what they need help with.

Rely on your team and ours to keep everyone happy

When you have an advanced AI assistant hooked up to your systems it can do more than answer a simple set of questions with a fixed reply. It can handle routine enquiries from start to finish without help, which gives your team more time to focus on the more complex or sensitive queries they’re trained to answer. So every customer (and your team) gets what they need.

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The best bit is, once we’ve set up an API integration and trained your AI assistant to successfully use it, any other gaps in your processes where things can be improved soon become obvious.

Our expert team of writers, analysts and designers are working in the background to make sure you spot them.

You don’t have to do a thing.

Human in the loop AI API

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