Virtual assistants: Where do you start?

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants: Where do you start?

Virtual Assistants

If your customer support teams are overwhelmed with calls and messages, an AI assistant is your new best friend. Here’s the easiest way to get one live on your website in minutes.

You’re already familiar with chatbots. Some people call them digital or virtual assistants. Then there are smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa. And where do automated chats on social media come in? You can forget any confusion over what you call it and what it does because an AI assistant on our platform can do it all and it’s easy to set up.

1. Sign up online today. We’ve crafted the conversations customers are most likely to have with an AI assistant in your industry, so yours can handle up to 85% of your most common routine enquiries from day one.

AI assistant by industry

2. Make it your own. Brand your AI assistant with your logo and colours. You can edit its responses to your customer queries, so they include the right information and sound like something you’d say.

AI assistant customisation

3. Help from our expert team. When you’re happy with the design of your AI assistant, put it live on your website and it starts to learn right away. In just two weeks you’ll know what to add to relieve even more of the pressure on your team.

AI assistant success rate

By the way, your first two weeks on our platform are FREE!

You bring the problem and we’ll help solve it

All you want to do is get your head above water. Missed calls. A backlog of messages. It’s stressful for all the team and that pressure only builds over time.

Bringing in new technology can feel overwhelming too, even if you already know that AI automation will help you. The good news is you don’t need to hire an AI expert to launch your AI assistant on our platform. You don’t need to install any tools. We have all the engineers, data scientists, language experts and writers you’ll ever need to make a success of your AI assistant from day one.

Start with the basics

AI assistant

Learn as you go

AI assistant learning

Grow your AI assistant

AI assistant development

Advance your AI

Advanced conversational AI

Everything you need in one platform

Log in to see how your AI assistant is doing at any time and improve performance. We’re with you every step of the way if you ever need support or want to try something new or complex.

Conversational AI
Conversational AI review
Conversational AI live chat

Affordable monthly fee with no commitment

You’ll want time to explore our platform and see what your AI assistant can do, so we offer a 2-week free trial to get you started. After that, you pay £1500 per month to keep your AI assistant live 24/7. You’ll have all the tech and security you need to run it and our team of experts by your side.

  • Expert conversation review to reveal what your customers want or need
  • A limitless number of integrations with your business systems
  • Live chat to pass complicated or sensitive calls over to your team
  • Technical support and answers to your questions whenever you need help
  • And so much more…

If there’s an integration that doesn’t yet exist or something new you’d like your AI assistant to do, you can pay a little extra and ask us to add or create it for you.

That means you can get started today, learn over time, and then there’s nothing to stop you from developing an advanced AI assistant. As complex as those we’ve created for multi-national corporations like Legal & General Insurance (part of LV= Group) and Coop Sweden.

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