Get Living: Using AI to move people into property

If you want to make it faster and easier for new customers to move into their dream home, you’ll want to see what Get Living has done to evolve the build to rent sector. If new residents prefer to get in and get on, you don’t have to meet them at the property and do a traditional walk around. Or if they’re ready to move in now but your team is busy, there’s no need to hold people back.

Let an AI assistant move in new residents for you and settle them in with one seamless conversation.

“You can ask what’s going on in the local neighbourhood and get directions sent straight to your phone. How cool is that, but also, just how practical is that?” – Christian Armstrong, Director of Brand, Product & Technology at Get Living

Find out how Get Living moves people into their rental apartments fuss-free using AI voice assistant, Evie

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“With Evie, we can let people get into their new home, put their bags down and immediately feel like they've arrived ― that they can settle in; they can relax, and with one quick set up conversation they're off and running. They can ask the assistant to start the moving in process.”

Christian Armstrong


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