Speak naturally

Talk to your users in their language.

Talk your user’s language, naturally

Natural language processing means that whatever language your customer speaks, they can speak to your bot. They don’t even need a technological understanding. Our bots are completely accessible to anyone.

Respond to or translate any language

Your bot can listen and reply to over 32 languages, or read and write in over 100. Wherever your customers or users are from, they’ll feel like you understand them. Your bot will even translate the conversation for your team so they can monitor or pick it up later.

Help people communicate

Natural language processing can make services accessible to people who normally find them hard to use. For example, our bots can help people with learning or communication difficulties engage with brands or get support.

Artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence

Our bots don’t just respond to written or spoken language. They respond to how people feel, too. Something only fellow humans could do until now. But our bots’ emotional intelligence lets them notice changes in people’s tone or emotion, adapt their own tone and word choices to fit the situation.