System integration

Your bot talks to other systems in your business.

Customer relationship management integration

Your bot treats people like people. By linking with your customer relationship management system, your bot knows straight away who they’re talking to. Your customers don’t need to say their name or other information over and over again. And the conversation goes two ways. Your customers can update their preferences and account information by talking to your bot, too.

Personalise online shopping

Turn your bot into a personal shopper to help people find and buy what they want from you. Use people’s shopping history, account information or loyalty data to give them personalised offers or promotions. Your bot can even target people at the perfect time based on user actions, increase content views and boost newsletter subscriptions. A helpful nudge from your new bot could make a real difference to your online shop’s conversions.

A helpful assistant

Add a bot to your existing systems to help with all kinds of everyday tasks. Your new bot could train people, give information, update files, schedule tasks, transcribe notes to your CRM system or maintenance system and set reminders.

The ultimate data tool

Your chatbot can pull data sets, compare figures and analyse it all faster and in greater depth than any human ever could. And all it takes is a simple command from you. In a matter of seconds, your bot can analyse thousands of pieces of information, instantly compare records and discover hidden trends. How your bot presents the data to you is completely up to you. Your analytics and reporting system is just as flexible as your bot.