We train bots for web, mobile and messaging apps.

Our bots are fluent in text, speech and visual interfaces like holograms or avatars. For your customers, this natural language makes everything from buying something to reporting a problem feel personal again. For your team, it makes account management, scheduling, reports and analytics super easy as your bot takes on the bulk of the work.

You are not a robot

So why would you want to sound like one? We develop your bot’s personality and voice to reflect your brand. Are you chatty? To the point? Playful? Compassionate? You’ve got complete control over how your bot expresses what you have to say. Time for a real human to step in? Your bot knows when only another person will do and passes your customer over to someone in your team.

Team up with your tech

Other standard bots shift your workload by spouting lines at customers from an FAQ. But not your bot. We’ll train yours to work hand-in-hand with your account management systems. Now, your team can update their accounts and contacts by chatting to your bot. It can even train the people using it, or help them out by suggesting what to do next including when to upsell or cross-sell. (And even how to do it.)

Data talks

One of the biggest benefits of a chatbot is often forgotten about. Chatbots aren’t just chatty. They’re analytical. Our bots remember every conversation they’ve ever had, which means they hold an awful lot of data about your customers. They can feed back every word into your system so you can get to know your customers better and gain a competitive advantage.