AI Comms

AI Communications is the name we use to describe the use of conversational AI in your contact centre solutions, incorporating:

  • Live chat working with AI chatbots and voice bots
  • AI powered contact automation
  • AI powered call centre advisor
  • Real-time AI agent assistance
  • Call centre management information


Make better data driven operational and strategic decisions by understanding the communications that are coming into your business. Using NLP, machine learning techniques and reporting tools like Power BI, EBI can provide you with a holistic view of customer needs and data driven insight to turn your contact centre into a profit centre for your business.


Turn your agents into superheroes through AI assistance. ‘Warm handover’ from bot to human via chat and voice channels ensures the agent already knows what the customer is calling about and doesn’t have to repeat the question. Using NLP to analyse the callers intents and integrations into your CRM and knowledge bases, your AI can recommend answers to the agent, before the caller has even finished their question.


Deflect calls from your contact centre by automating boring and mundane communications. This could be as simple as an automated switchboard which intelligently routes the caller to the best available agent, or fully trained bot that handles the entire customer query through web chat, phone or smart home device. Achieved by integrating chatbots and voicebots into your contact centre systems, your incredible, empathetic people are left with more time to handle the more complex queries, and focus on other customer experience initiatives.