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You’ll be relieved to hear you don’t have to spend the next six years building an AI assistant from scratch, blocking your progress in other areas. But you also don’t have to accept a basic bot with templated answers that are copied and pasted from some other business.

With our platform, you get your own fully branded AI assistant that’s ready to go live straight away, able to answer 85% of the most common queries you get in your industry ― you choose which ones to go live with. You’ll free up bags of time for your team in their working day, giving you the freedom to move forward and create new and exciting features for your AI assistant that are unique to your enterprise, ready to interact with tens of thousands of customers all at once, 24/7 using conversational AI.

The deeper you swim in your own Reef dashboard, the more you discover ― and so do we because we’re with you all the way, managing all the technology for you to constantly improve and better your AI over time.

With our platform, you can quickly get an AI assistant live. On your website, mobile app, social media channels, smart speakers, phone line, SMS service or any other device you choose to start handling your routine calls and messages. You’ll be able to tackle 85% of those queries from day one. And once your immediate challenges are feeling more manageable, you’ll have time to decide what to do with the other 15% to improve the experience for your customers and increase loyalty to your brand.

There’s no limit to the number of uses you can find for your AI assistant. You know where your competitors are most likely to get ahead of you, so that’s where we’ll start.

You also know better than anyone what matters the most to your customers, whether they’re using you for the first time or have been a fan of yours for years. You can use an AI assistant to give people more of what they want, so they keep coming back ― for life. To you, not your rival.

You can buy and build your AI assistant with us helping to steer it

You can buy and build your AI assistant with us helping to steer it

Since everyone’s using AI and such a high percentage of functions can be pre-built into an assistant to go live straight away, it sounds a bit like you could go off and build your own AI assistant. And many people have tried that. But it didn’t work out. Because it’s kind of like the 90% of the iceberg that’s hidden underwater. Or the graceful swan kicking wildly beneath the surface.

It’s our team of engineers and conversation designers, psychologists, linguistics experts, analysts and data scientists that bring a tidal wave of exploration and experience to our platform, so you end up with the best of everything. Our platform is ‘ready-made’ and ‘tailor-made’ all rolled into one, which means you can advance quickly into the world of AI without having to rush and make mistakes or waste your resources along the way.

We’re not tied to any one technology provider either, like IBM Watson or Amazon Alexa, which means you always get the AI tech that’s right for your needs ― we’ll use what’s best!

Getting to know your AI assistant

Getting to know your AI assistant

Once your AI assistant is up and running on our platform, you’ll be able to see how it’s doing at any time. And since we’re committed to making AI easy for everyone, we’ve made sure your Reef dashboard is a tranquil place for you to hang out to run your AI assistant day-to-day. From how your dashboard looks and how the platform works, to how the words we use sound in your head – we promise to keep conversational AI simple and manageable for you and your team.

One glance at your dashboard and you’ll see things like:

  • How many conversations your AI assistant is having with your customers
  • What they’re chatting about and the most popular conversations
  • The days and times when your AI assistant is busiest
  • Updates from us if we’ve spotted a trend you should know about like everyone’s suddenly asking about the same thing, or we just added a new feature ― we’re in constant contact

Our platform is an elegant browser-based platform built with you in mind ― the person on the other side of the screen. Use it like any other online system you use daily to manage your website or calendar, or your workflow or accounts, as a natural part of your business. After just two weeks of your AI assistant being live, it’ll be obvious what’s working well in your communication with your customers and what we can work on to make their experience even better.

Taking your AI assistant to the next level

Taking your AI assistant to the next level

When your AI assistant is picking up the most common tasks that take up the most of your time, it gives you space to think about what you want to do next with that other 15%. With one swift swipe of the mouse, you can drag and drop new features into your wish list for your AI assistant. Or if there’s something new you want to try, ask us how we can make it happen and we’ll go from there.

  • If you’re already using a technology system you like and want to keep, we’ll link up your AI to it. We’ve been connecting technology systems together for huge corporate clients for more than 20 years; if AI is still emerging, we arrived in the tech space a long time ago.
  • Creating new uses for AI is as exciting for us as it is for you, so don’t ever hold back on ideas! Finding a way to bring them to life is what we do.
  • And speaking to a human is always an option with any AI assistant we create at EBI.AI. If you want to add a live chat feature so your customers can speak to a person if they need to, it’s quick and easy to add to your Reef dashboard.

Get all the support you need to push forward with AI today

Get all the support you need to push forward with AI today

Our platform is a partnership service, which means you don’t have to stress over the technology side of things but, at the same time, have full control over how your AI operates day-to-day. You’re free to develop it in any way you want to.

In the background, our team of conversation designers and analysts are constantly reviewing the conversations your AI assistant has with your customers to make sure information is accurate and that the chat is natural. This vital part of our service is what helps to develop a close bond with your customers, knowing they can rely on you to give them what they need. All the time. Every time.

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