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Do you want to use AI to solve a customer service problem, automate sales and marketing, or otherwise improve the business?

Our advanced conversational AI platform is built on more than twenty years of experience helping people with that. You don’t need any knowledge upfront; just watch and learn. After only two weeks of launching your AI assistant, you’ll know what people talk about the most, and alongside our expert review of every conversation, it’ll be clear what you can do next to improve their experience. So they stick with you, ahead of your rivals.

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Tell us what industry you work in. We’ve already crafted 85% of the conversations customers are likely to have with your AI assistant, so it becomes valuable from day one, handling enquiries and revealing patterns.

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Brand your AI assistant with your logo and colours. You’ll write your own responses so they include correct information and sound like something you’d say. You can also pull in information you rely on from other technology systems to speak with your customers.

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Discover things you didn’t even know you needed just by seeing the kinds of things customers want to talk about most often (and when) with our easy-to-use dashboard. Your assistant works 24-hours a day, so you don’t have to.

Explore conversational AI in any way you want to

You can move freely in and out of everything our platform has to offer because it’s 100% fluid.

Dip in a toe and launch an AI assistant that answers 85% of your most essential routine enquiries from day one. Swim a bit deeper and connect it to other business systems you use daily. Or take a deep dive to explore complex technical opportunities across multiple channels with personalised conversations.

Whenever people ask questions your AI assistant hasn’t been trained to answer yet, you learn from it and grow

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What do we need to add to the AI assistant to make it easier for people to get answers to their queries?

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Do you need to open up a new digital channel, like smart speakers or a mobile app?

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Is there an opportunity to connect your AI assistant with other technology systems so people can get answers without input from your team?

Now is an exciting time to move into conversational AI

Now is an exciting time to move into conversational AI

In September 2021, Gartner (2021) has stated that “over 70% of product leaders plan to invest in conversational artificial intelligence (CAI) in the next two years”. The sooner you start talking with your customers, the sooner you’ll know what your business needs to do next to give them a better, more efficient, more enjoyable experience with you.

So, if you’re ready, set up your AI assistant on our platform today, put it live and let it learn! Your first two weeks are completely free. Our ambitious team of language specialists and conversation designers, AI analysts and engineers are with you every step of the way to help you evolve your assistant in any way you want to on our premium conversational AI platform.

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