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Give your bot brains and body. Whether it’s a bot that books travel tickets or one that gives home buyers a digital property tour, all our bots have one thing in common. IBM Watson Assistant.

Think of Watson like your bot’s brain. It’s the bit that lets your bot ‘think’ in natural language. But all this happens in the cloud. There’s no interface, answers or actions just yet.

Just like your brain needs a body to do stuff, so does your bot. It’s called a ‘platform’ and we’ve been building and improving ours with our customers for nearly five years.

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The platform for brilliance

Our platform makes your bot as strong and adaptable as it is smart. And it lets your bot talk to your other programs, systems and people, then process what people say to it in a useful way. At the very least, our bot platform includes a chat interface and usually lots of other exciting features.

Live chat that’s beyond words

Lots of bot developers offer live web and mobile chat. None offer live web and mobile chat that’s as human as ours. Most live chat relies on text. But when we humans talk to each other, we don’t just type. We upload pictures, share videos, send maps and speak.

So, rather than piggyback existing web chat interfaces, we created our own that can do just that. Adding widgets and elements lets people and your bot communicate using microphones, typing, media and more. They can even make lists, fill in forms, create itineraries, schedules and timetables. All from a pop-up window on your website, or in a mobile app.

Natural, logical, personal

Our platform lets your bot draw on past experiences, a bit like a human. And because it has similar logic to a human, communicating with it feels more natural and like talking to a human too. For example, your bot will get to know each person that talks to it by looking at information like their name, past conversations and previous transactions.

Your customers won’t have to repeat themselves. Maybe they’re buying a train ticket and have a favourite seat. Your bot can book it for them without your customer defining their preferences every time. A better, more efficient interaction for everyone.

Smart algorithms for fluent speech

We’ve built our own algorithms and integrated others into the platform to make your chatbot as articulate as possible. We process each conversation, looking for things like spelling mistakes so your bot has the best chance of understanding what people say to it.

We’ve even built our own translation engine into our platform so your bot can speak more languages than the 11 supported by IBM. And our own natural language processing algorithm uses machine learning to improve its conversation skills. It even adapts to ‘wrong’ grammar, dialects and accents.

Trusted by brilliant brands, big and small

Seventeen years’ experience in building large enterprise systems has gone into our bot platform. We use recognised coding standards, test everything thoroughly and peer code review it all to make our platform and tech the best out there.

It’s why some of the world’s biggest multinational companies trust us, our platform and bots with their brand. And because our platform is completely scalable – we’re the perfect partner for smaller brands, too.

Actions speak louder than words

We integrate your bot platform with your other interfaces, like booking systems. This means your bot can do more than just give information. It can act on its conversations – an extra pair of hands for your team by doing things like booking appointments in a plumber’s diary. Or a helper for your customers who want to know how many loyalty points they have and how to spend them.

Completely compatible with your business

Our platform fits around and links up with your current systems like databases, business platforms, tools and cloud services.

  • Twilio Voice
  • MS Teams
  • Oculus Rift
  • AWS
  • IBM
  • Skype
  • Unity 3D
  • Slack
  • Google
  • Salesforce
  • Google Maps
  • Holoplayer
  • SMS
  • Web chat
  • Mobile
  • Messaging platforms

Bot up in weeks

Getting your bot up and running is our priority. Fine-tuning comes later.

That’s because even the best project teams (which we have, of course) can only ever make educated guesses about what your bot will need to do and talk to people about. So, after a few weeks of training we let your customers take over. As soon as your bot is out in the wild, it gathers real questions and data and learns what to do with them. But we don’t leave it to fend for itself. Our bot trainers look at what your bot has been up to and refine it as part of our partnership with you.

Congratulations it's a bot illustration

Congratulations! It’s a bot.

Your minimum viable bot is still growing and learning. But it’s surprisingly independent and able to look after itself. When we train your bot, we teach it the basics so it’s well-behaved and good enough to start representing you. Then it’s ready to learn from how people really interact with it.

Setting up your bot’s platform

Connecting your data and systems

Selecting your user interfaces

Teaching your bot about your business

Building conversations and scenarios

Your bot learns your brand tone and other languages if needed

Testing with real people

Want to find out more?

If you have questions or would like to talk about a specific project you have in mind please get in touch.

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