Always the best Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Lobster is technology agnostic. This means that EBI will choose the best NLP technology available or build Machine Learning models where better ones don’t exist. Our preference is currently IBM Watson.

User Experience (UX) specialists regularly review and retrain your assistant as it interacts with users, in a process called AI supervision. This all ensures that Lobster is most likely to understand what your customer is asking.

Multichannel and multilingual

Your assistant can be deployed to almost any channel for your customers. A great starting point is web, but Lobster can also deploy your assistant to messenger apps, your own mobile apps, smart home devices and via your telephony provider.

AI assistants built on Lobster can listen and reply to over 32 languages, read and write in over 100. Today, Lobster assistants are live all over Europe speaking to customers in English, Swedish, Dutch, German and Polish.

Secure and auditable

Lobster has passed the information security and IT due diligence processes of highly regulated companies across the world. Regularly security tested, every interaction or change is logged within the system to provide Enterprise standard security and accountability.

Handover to an agent using the Lobster Agent Hub

Sometimes a human touch is needed. When required, the assistant can hand over to the best available agent via chat or telephony. Your agents can use Lobster Reef to communicate with customers or Lobster will integrate with your current live chat and telephony providers.

Integrate with virtually any business system

Respond to more than just FAQs by asking EBI to integrate Lobster into your business systems. With ready to use integrations and flexible integration framework, Lobster has the ability to integrate with virtually any business system.

Customer Data Platform

Add a customer data platform to Lobster to provide your AI with ‘memory’. This is where your AI assistant will remember customer details and preferences to enable you to provide a truly personalised customer experience and promotions.

Reporting & analytics

Pre-built reporting dashboards give you real insight into customer demands and their interactions with your organisation.

This will help you identify further opportunities for automation to boost engagement.

Richer responses

Use Lobster’s in built response store to provide answers to your users’ questions. Lobster Messenger supports video, photos, carousels, emojis, links and more, to create a truly rich experience for your customer.

Reference Architecture

Curious how Lobster works and integrates with your business? Take a look at the reference architecture.
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