Your customers are choosing right now which digital products they’ll keep or toss. Get ready to make the cut

Image for Your customers are choosing right now which digital products they’ll keep or toss. Get ready to make the cut

There’s only so much information you can hold in your smartphone and in your own head. Too much to process and you run out of memory. Everything shuts down. Rather than make life easier, that app you downloaded or service you subscribed to starts to­­­­­­ clutter your contemplation. So you delete. You cull. And you strip the technology back, keeping only what’s necessary. Now, give a thought to the tech that stays and the tech that goes in the life of your most sought-after customer. Was your product a keeper? And, if not, why not?

There are more than two million working parts in your eye. Your nose can detect a trillion odours. Using these incredible senses, you keep your finger on the pulse, your nose to the ground, or read the room. But when it comes to analysing large amounts of information, that’s where the sensation of human senses fails you. To be able to process everything you learn about the people who buy from you and then use it to your advantage, you need a faster, more accurate artificial intelligence to help you make the most of it.

Because once you’re dropped, you’re dropped.

Remember that messy situation with the Houseparty app? Social media rumours that the app hacks your PayPal account were rife; enough to scare large numbers of people into deleting it.

Zoombombing incited a similar fate for the video conferencing tool.

WhatsApp is being beaten down by Telegram and Signal because both messaging apps claim to be less invasive to your privacy.

Once people’s trust has waned or their interest wandered off, it’s hard to claw your way back into their lives. You lose your VIP place in the small and exclusive digital Filofax they keep in their pocket 24/7. So steep is this fall, the owners of the Houseparty app offered a $1 million reward for anyone who could prove the hacking story was sabotage. Desperate to keep their spot in the hearts and files of internet users.

Brand image. Ease of use. Data protection and site speed. There’s a lot going on behind our tech choices, but we are as equally fickle as we are complex.

So how do you make sure your product isn’t moved to the trash?

The more you learn now, the more your enterprise can scale in the future

Humans are notoriously flaky, even the most tenacious of us. Take Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic athlete. You don’t get to swim for your country without being able to organise every moment of your life around an intensive training programme. Yet in 1912 he famously overslept and missed his qualifying heat at the Stockholm Olympics. Perhaps not so spectacularly, but we’ve all done it, right? More than a hundred years later and the alarm clock still hasn’t saved us from ourselves.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is always awake. No opportunity is ever missed or forgotten. AI is programmed to be on time. Every time.


Lobster AI for Retail: Coop Sweden

You need only introduce yourself to AI assistant, Cooper, once. The grocery shopping digital assistant will remember your name forever. Cooper learns which store is local to you. And if you have dietary requirements, your virtual companion will steer you clear of products you won’t like or don’t eat.

This one AI assistant is available to over three million Coop members who all want personal assistance with their shopping.

In the first six months of Cooper’s existence more than 46,000 people engaged in conversation with the friendly AI assistant. None of those people had engaged with Cooper before, so every one of those 46 thousand conversations was a brand-new interaction.

Could you remember three million names from 46,000 conversations all at the same time? Let alone learn the shopping preferences for every one of those people too.

Me neither.

You and I are no better off than the food retailer who has nothing but a dusty database of information about some of the people who once shopped with them. Or perhaps thought about it.

Give it another six months and Cooper will know more about Coop Sweden’s customers than we could ever learn in a decade without AI. For the customer, their shopping experience is significantly improved too. And that’s ultimately what counts. Shoppers have the final say on which businesses merely survive and which ones will thrive ― they’re handing over their digital data to prove it.

If you’re not already listening closely to your customers, it’s time to start

Conversational data isn’t idly collected by your AI assistant. This is information your customer is actively choosing to share with you, so that you can work on making their shopping experience 100% better.

They’re developing a digital spirit that follows them wherever they go. Constantly aligning themselves with products and services they feel are the best fit for them on a deeply personal level.

Are you an Apple fan or a Microsoft devotee?

Do you eat at McDonalds or Burger King?

Wear Nike or Adidas?

People show themselves to others through all forms of association and we’ve done that for an eternity.

In fashion:

The punks. The goths. Vintage style. Boho. Chic. Or rockers.

With music:

Beatles vs The Rolling Stones.

Oasis vs Blur.

OK, I’ll throw it out there… One Direction vs Little Mix.

It’s a simple matter of taste.

Every person’s palette is different.

Do we even know why we love the colour red, a chair with a high back, or a heavy square coaster rather than a flimsy circular one?

Can anyone explain why I can’t drink tea out of a black mug? Because it’s that insane level of personal quirk that often makes no real sense whatsoever, even to me. And it’s my quirk.

The AI assistant and the digital customer spirit: black mug examples

Your customers pick the products that best suit their spirit. And you, without doubt, want to be on that shortlist.

Try this simple test

Search for “grocery store near me” and the results are endless. For me, 18 options on the first page alone and I’m still scrolling…

Which one are you going to plump for?

The one with the AI assistant that knows not to suggest meat products because you’re a vegetarian and also knows you’re probably running low on coffee. Or the store that has no recollection of you having visited. Ever.

Your customers are making simple yet impactful choices every day. And once that decision’s made, it’s made.

There’s a simple way to make sure you’re at least in the running when they flip that coin between you and your competitor.

At the start of every great relationship is the whisper of a memorable conversation

If you want to really get to know your customers, you talk. The old-fashioned way. You engage, start to share back and forth, remember what’s important to the other person, then build a relationship from there. But you can’t do that with fifty, let alone three million customers all at once, unless you use AI.

A conversational AI assistant speaks with groups of people while you can only speak to one. And each conversation is crafted by our diverse team of psychologists and linguistics graduates, tech developers and copywriters. That means every element is designed to give your customer the ultimate experience.

A conversational AI platform like ours then collects this conversation data and generates thousands of actionable insights that you can use to further delight your customers. Remember, this is your data from your customers. Although the service is managed by our pro team, you control your data, always. We just help to make sure you get the most out of it.

By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will have moved away from the AI pilot studies they’re running right now. They’ll be using AI every day in their business.

Our specialist service can help you avoid getting left behind.

No more clutching at straws trying to figure out what your customers want.

No more guess work about what makes them happy.

They’ll tell you, in conversation with your AI.

You throw yourself into the conversation, we’ll manage the AI platform

Conversational AI is built on relationships and trust. Your team and your customer working towards a future that works better for everyone.

Discover how the human minds on your team armed with the artificial mind of our conversational platform can help bond you with your customers for life.

Become a helpful companion.

Be useful to the people who choose you over all others.

  • Don’t keep offering plastic bags when they’re a staunch environmentalist. You’ll become irrelevant.
  • Don’t suggest buildings insurance when they don’t own their home. You’ll become a nuisance.

Start strengthening this relationship now. Rather than learn by chance that your customer’s a veggie and you have to backtrack on that lamb curry recipe you shared yesterday.

Take active steps now to get to know your customer better.

Before everyone’s doing it.

See how it works

To find out how we can help you build relationships for life with every customer, join us in a 30 minute free demo of our AI platform ― just our team of tech specialists and you. You’ll learn which are the most valuable reasons for introducing AI into your business and how to successfully roll out a digital assistant. Even if you don’t go ahead with the AI assistant, you’ve still spent valuable time figuring out what your team is struggling with the most and what you might do to fix it.


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