How to use QR codes and AI to take mobile customer support to the next level

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EBI.AI QR code being used by customer to get direct real-time help from the AI assistant

Who doesn’t have a smartphone in their pocket these days? Your customers want help anytime, anywhere, and with AI you can provide it. Add a QR code and customers can immediately unlock recommendations for specific locations or products and exclusive offers too.

You can use QR codes on a storefront, in an ad, on a website or product ― anywhere you like! Use them to create quick, direct links to relevant or timely information wherever your customers are, any time; day or night.

Find out why mobile support is such an easy win for customer service leaders, see examples of fanciful and practical QR codes across all kinds of industry, and understand how easy it is to create them for yourself.


  • 86.11% of the world’s population now owns a smartphone and 80% of B2B buyers use mobile too, so offering mobile customer support is an easy win for customer service leaders
  • You can quickly and affordably set up AI-driven support for customers to get instant answers to their queries on the go, 24 hours a day, personalising every interaction for each person
  • Businesses are finding inventive new ways to use new tech, like creating QR codes out of drones or AI artwork that take customers directly to location or product-specific information
  • Every industry from travel and retail to property and leisure is finding practical uses for QR codes, from directing passengers to a train’s cafe to arranging property viewings online
  • You can launch an AI assistant in 10 minutes with no technical skill, then auto-generate a QR code with the click of a button for any customer query you train your AI assistant to answer

Why mobile support is an easy win for customer service leaders

You won’t be surprised to learn “86.11% of the world’s population own[s] a smartphone.” Going mobile gives your customers freedom to browse and buy from anywhere and 80% of B2B buyers use mobile now too.

Support your customers 24/7 wherever they are

You no longer have to force people to visit your office or store in person, call at a time that’s convenient to your customer service opening hours, fill in forms, or otherwise go to some effort to ask for help. You can quickly and affordably launch an AI assistant to flip what was once a frustrating task and turn it into a more convenient and uplifting experience:

  • Customers get instant answers to routine queries so there’s no waiting around.
  • A 24-hour support service means there’s less pressure on your customer contact teams who can start their day without wading through a backlog of enquiries.
  • You can take advantage of one of the biggest opportunities for customer service leaders today to enhance their services: Personalise every interaction with every customer since your AI assistant will remember their habits and preferences forever.

How QR codes make customer support more versatile

Customer service teams everywhere are embracing mobile because the smartphone has become the window to more flexible, convenient services and QR codes (short for Quick Response) go hand in hand with that shift. They’ve been knocking about since 1994. Able to hold hundreds of times more information than the original black-and-white bar code, this more complex square format does its intended job of giving us more information faster.

The use of QR codes is on the increase

QR Tiger reports a 433% increase in people scanning QR codes and a 438% increase in people generating them. It might have taken a couple of decades for them to take off, but it looks like QR codes are now here to stay.

Inventive new ways to use QR codes unfold all the time

Businesses have started using QR codes for everything from taking payment, showing information (like a menu), scanning tickets to speed up entry to events, giving virtual product tours or letting people try on make-up before they buy, promoting offers and discounts, and they’ve even designed QR code product packaging.

How can you use QR codes to level up your mobile customer support services today?

4 real world examples of how we use QR codes in different industries

QR codes are a form of real time customer engagement; that is, being right there with your customers in the exact moment they need you. This can advance your customer service support in all sorts of ways, from increasing efficiency and revenue to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. No matter what industry you’re in, you can start placing QR codes anywhere your customers are to help them on the spot.

1. QR codes for travel services

Put a QR code on a train carriage to help customers find the toilet facilities, quiet carriages, the cafe, or get help in an emergency. The QR code tells your AI assistant exactly where your customer is on the train, so it can share a relevant map or directions, so there’s no confusion or delay to your customer getting the information they need at any point on their journey.

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2. QR codes for retail services

Use QR codes in department stores to show people how to get to different departments, or put QR codes on individual items people browse to show prices, sizing information, offers, or suggest complementary products. This instant, in the moment help, gives people choices, helps them make decisions, and can be the decider between browsing and buying.

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3. QR codes for leisure services

Customers walking through the doors of a leisure centre could be heading in any direction. Maybe they’re using the gym for the first time or there’s a new studio opened for fitness classes. They might need a key for a locker or find one out of order. Use QR codes in corridors or on equipment to let people know how to get help on the spot, or so they can report any problems for a prompt fix later.

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4. QR codes for property services

To keep property managers focused on confirmed sales and lettings, potential buyers or renters for advertised properties can get the information they need through QR codes. Book a viewing via a QR code on a for sale sign or take a virtual tour of a rental property in Australia from the streets of London. You can even help people move in.

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Get started: How to use a QR code with an AI assistant

Generating and using QR codes is simpler than you might think.

This QR code takes you straight to our resident AI assistant, Clawson. So grab your smartphone, scan the code, and start a conversation to see how it works.

You can create your own QR code, just like this one, with the click of a button.

QR code you can scan to speak with EBI.AI's resident AI assistant, Clawson

You don’t need any technical skill to create an AI assistant or QR code

You can launch an AI assistant in just 10 minutes:

Watch a customer enter their website url on the EBI.AI platform to auto generate flows in seconds, then click a button to generate a QR code
  • Enter your website URL and we’ll use AI to transform its content into an interactive AI assistant
  • You’ll automatically generate a list of questions and answers for customers to start using in just 10 minutes ― we call these flows
  • Click a button to create a QR code for any flow, so customers can scan the code from anywhere and get an immediate answer to their question

Read our how-to guide for more detailed information, or launch an AI assistant now and start using QR codes to give your customers targeted, instant support wherever they are, any time.