It takes 2 seconds to say yes to an AI assistant and just 2 weeks for it to de-stress your team

It takes 2 seconds to say yes to an AI assistant and just 2 weeks for it to de-stress your team

There is a way. To quickly and flexibly get your customer service teams out of the daily grind that’s wearing them down.

If the dream is to have a team full of the brightest employees, or even just enough people fully trained with the knowledge you need them to have, we hear you. There’s a reason why you (and so many organisations) haven’t been able to turn that dream into reality yet.

You’re too busy fighting fires.

You’re making the most of the resources you have and having meetings about how to fix your customer service problems, but you’re also dealing with unhappy team members daily. Overwhelmed and, so, frequently missing calls and messages, your customer service team is bogged down by not being able to do their best work. And the customers they’re speaking with are taking note.

Then, you’re dealing with unhappy customers too. Because things are late, or wrong, or haven’t been dealt with at all. That bad impression soon rubs off on your brand, and you, and your team.

It slowly but surely burns through morale.

And you can’t go on like that forever.

Hire an AI assistant to take on 85% of your routine tasks

When customer service teams are struggling, the usual plan is to hire in more team members and get them trained up as soon as is humanly possible, but it often takes more time and costs more money than you’d like.

If you take into consideration holiday and sickness pay, plus a pension payment, HR onboarding and training costs, equipment, travel expenses and tax, the true cost to hire a customer service agent on a standard salary of £19,000 per year is more like £26,000* (an extra £7k) – thousands more if you include a bonus and health insurance.

Hiring people can be fraught with difficulty too since anyone you take on becomes a part of your company culture and it’s not always going to be a good fit. They might not like the role or adjust to the expectation.

It’s a lot for you to contend with all at once.

But with AI, you’ve got a faster, easier, cheaper option.

You could support your team with one of our industry-specific AI assistants that’s already trained to answer the most repetitive queries your team is struggling to get to, day in and day out. Use it to answer more calls and messages from customers, 24-hours a day, with accurate information 100% of the time.

Starting today. Or whenever you like.

Whatever industry you’re in.

Leaving your team more time to handle the more complex or sensitive issues for your customers, like the calls that need a reassuring tone or would benefit from a laugh. Or messages that call for a kind response or a strategic reply.

Once the fire-fighting is under control, you can start making long term plans for your business to improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience (CX), and increase your revenue. Making sure your team is happy. Your customers too. And you can finally start to feel like you have a bit of room to breathe.

* Source: Cast UK

Feel your stress drain away and improve CX instantly

We can get you up and running with your AI assistant straight away and offer a free trial so you can try before you buy. From there, it’s a rolling monthly contract, so you don’t have to feel tied in or tied up or tired out by the experience.

You’re in complete control.

Tell us what industry you’re in and we’ll give you an AI assistant that’s trained in that area. Name it, give it an avatar ― really make it your own!

You’ll see default questions and answers relevant to your industry that your AI assistant will use and that you can edit.

Put your AI assistant live on your website, mobile app, social channels or more, and start batting away the routine enquiries you receive daily.

Use our advanced conversational AI platform to inspect the types of conversation your AI assistant is having with your customers.

Straight away you’ll start to see patterns on the dashboard and you’ll know which areas you need to work on.

We review every conversation for you, to see what’s frustrating people or confusing them, so we can eliminate the bottlenecks.

4 weeks in, your AI assistant is trained on routine enquiries and already starting to learn about more complex processes to help you out.

6 weeks later, the pressure’s off and, if you want to, you can start to develop your AI assistant to make it truly unique to your business.

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