How to automate recipe suggestions with AI

“What meal can I make with potato, onion and cheese?” "Give me vegetarian recipes good for kids" "What side can I serve with lamb kebabs?"

Whether your customers are looking for new recipes, recipes using foods or leftovers they already have in their fridge, or recipes that avoid certain ingredients or meet a particular preferance, you can automate these suggestions to give them ideas, especially when they’re in a hurry (or hungry!).

Apps that support this enquiry

Why automating recipe suggestions is good for business

Why automating recipe suggestions is good for business

An AI assistant helps you save money, time, speed up, be more efficient, increase engagement, improve accuracy, offer 24-hour service, personalise, increase loyalty, ultimately improve customer experience so you can automate recipe suggestions instantly.

Questions from your customers

Easily set up your AI assistant to respond to routine enquiries about recipe suggestions instantly at any time of the day or night, on any channel and in any language.

“What meal can I make with potato, onion and cheese?” "Give me vegetarian recipes good for kids" "What side can I serve with lamb kebabs?"

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Choose your template to automate recipe suggestions

AI Studio is connected to these apps and platforms (and we’re adding more all the time), so find your go-to system and use an AI assistant to automate recipe suggestions.


Automate recipe suggestions with Make

Link up your AI assistant with Make in minutes.
Make is brilliant for visual automation.


Automate recipe suggestions with Zapier

Link up your AI assistant with Zapier in minutes.
Zapier is brilliant for automating workflows.

Your 3 steps to automation

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Select the template for the business app you normally use to automate recipe suggestions and click through

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Log in to your AI Studio account or, if you don’t have one, sign up to launch an AI assistant in less than 10 minutes

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You’ll then be taken straight through to the template to link up your AI assistant with your chosen app to start automating recipe suggestions

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Frequently asked questions

How do I launch an AI assistant so I can use this feature?

It takes less than 10 minutes to create an AI assistant using AI Studio and you don’t need any technical skill to do it. You can launch an AI assistant using only your website URL.

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Where do I find the template to automate recipe suggestions?

Click on the link to automate recipe suggestions and you’ll land on the Flows page of AI Studio (a ‘flow’ is a question and answer set that lays out the flow of the conversation between your visitor and your AI assistant). In this case, the flow for automating returns will be open and ready for you to approve. You can edit, add or delete flows at any time.

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Why do companies automate recipe suggestions?

Organisations automate recipe suggestions because it’s a wholly worthwhile but complex task to deliver at scale. Using an AI assistant to offer recipe suggestions gives customers the ability to search through countless food combinations and recipes, while at the same time avoiding ingredients they can’t eat or choose not to eat, so every dietary requirement can be recognised and catered for ― instantly.

How does automating recipe suggestions benefit my customers?

When a customer service process is automed, your response time is instant, which saves your customers time. Your service becomes accessible 24 hours a day, on any channel and in any language, so customers can find recipes from wherever they are and at a time most convenient to them. This can significantly help improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty, but at the same time, reduce your customer support costs, so you can spend more on making improvements to your service overall.

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