Property admin: Why rental managers are turning to AI to get more done

As a rental manager, using AI to handle property administration is the closest you can get to being able to eliminate the stress of a home move and ramp up the excitement all at the same time ― for you and the new resident. Because the admin is never going away. You know that. You can only speed up the process and reduce the risk of things going wrong, so you don’t end up with a far bigger problem later on. AI helps you with all of that.

When Get Living property developers started using AI voice technology to move and settle customers into their luxury rental apartments, it changed the way they work as a team. No longer having to meet every new resident at the property and manually walk them around, staff have more time to speak with customers face-to-face to see how they’re feeling about moving to a new home.

Get Living rental managers use AI to speed up move-in day

When the day arrives and it’s time for a new resident to take that first step into their new home, they can start a conversation with Get Living’s AI assistant, Evie. All they have to do is launch the Google Assistant and say, “Talk to Get Living”.

You can choose any prompt you want for your assistant, whatever suits your business style!

Evie runs through a checklist of everything that needs to happen next, letting the new resident know they can say “stop” or “pause” at any time if they want to dig out the kettle and take a tea break, or need to take a call from whoever’s bringing the boxes from their old place.

Unlike people, AI never needs to stop to use the loo, grab a bite to eat or have a rest. Your AI assistant is always there ready to pick back up where your resident left off. They just have to give the voice command, like “continue with move-in”.

Rental managers: move in flow

AI prevents small move day stresses from turning into big ones

Simple things like using a key fob to get into a property for the first time or using an intercom to let others in can cause a little stress for residents if they don’t know how they work. It’s the kind of delay nobody wants to deal with, but if you use AI, it’s completely avoidable.

At Get Living’s apartments, there’s never any need to panic. As part of the move-in checklist, Evie lets every new resident know how the security system and the intercom works, so they can get inside the property and welcome visitors or helpers straight away.

No phone calls to the Get Living team (or having to wait a moment if they’re busy helping someone else). And no need for Get Living rental managers to visit the property to help out a frustrated new resident.

An AI assistant makes everything run smoothly, every time, for everyone.

Rental managers: security information via an AI assistant

Using AI helps you dot every i and cross every t

Nobody wants to squabble over whether or not the microwave was there when someone moved in or if the resident bought it. Years later, or even just a few months later, nobody will know for sure unless it’s logged in the inventory. And when you manage hundreds of apartments like Get Living does, it’s impossible to keep track of this manually.

That’s where Evie comes in.

As soon as a resident is inside the property, Evie asks them if they received a copy of the inventory. What happens next is the important bit because your AI assistant must:

  • First, sound like a member of your team
  • Second, speak as naturally to every new resident as you would
  • Third, know what to say in response to different possible answers from the resident
  • And, most importantly, get the job done and the inventory completed, every time

Rental managers: inventory list

And when a Get Living resident wants to know if they can paint the kitchen a new colour?

Ask Evie.

They want to know if a friend can stay with them for the next month?

Ask Evie.

Or how to get a replacement washing machine because they accidentally overloaded theirs?

Speak to Evie.

Want more information about Evie and Get Living? Read the Get Living case study here

Find out how easy it is to use conversational AI for property

Using an AI assistant to deal with the routine elements of rental management is fast, accurate, and helps to make sure everything you need to get done, gets done.

You can start by cutting out the tiny troubles that eat away at your time or by automating your administrative processes, but that’s just the start.

Let us know what’s troubling your rentals team.

We’ll show you our advanced conversational AI platform and how we help rental managers get more done in their working day, making sure nothing gets missed along the way.



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