Property sales: 6 ways you can use AI to attract more buyers today

There’s only so much space in your listings you can use to tell someone about a property ― your website or app has limits. And there are only so many questions you can anticipate before talking to buyers because what’s important to one person isn’t important to another. That’s where AI comes in. Giving you the option to show more of what’s on offer, answer more questions about every property you list, and as a result, get more property sales through the door, faster.

You can’t answer calls or emails about property sales 24/7, but the pace is relentless. The British Property Federation tells us one in 13 jobs is supported by the real estate sector ― that’s one thriving market, so it’s important we keep it moving. In the time it takes for you to speak with one buyer, AI can speak with multiple buyers. While you’re out on a real viewing, your AI can give another five people a virtual tour. That frees up your time to talk to customers who need extra help or give a bigger push on your best property listings.

Use AI to get more leads when you’re too time-poor to do it

Moving home is a big deal for most people. Can they afford it? Will they find what they’re looking for and in the right area? Is it a safe neighbourhood? Is it near enough to where they work or where their children go to school? Will they be happy in a new place?

You can use AI to quickly give people the information they need to help them make the right decision.

  1. You can train your AI to answer routine questions about any property, like if it has off-road parking or if the windows are double glazed. But you can handle the difficult questions too if you know they’re likely to be asked. Property sales: AI answering key buyer questions
  2. Arranging property viewings is a breeze when you’ve already planned when it’s a good time for the seller. Buyers can simply book a slot using your AI.Property sales: Arranging property viewings via an AI assistant
  3. It’s not always easy to imagine what a place looks like inside, but your AI assistant can show pictures, so your customer doesn’t need to.Property sales: storage queries answered by an AI assistant
  4. You might choose to do a video walk-round or aerial view of high-end properties. When a customer views the property, your AI can prompt them to watch this so they can see straight away if they like it or not.Property sales: AI video tour prompt
  5. If someone’s interested in one of your properties, you can use AI to find out a little bit about them first, so you and the buyer both know how the land lies.Property sales: getting to know the buyer via an AI assistant
  6. Make it easy for people to make an offer. Your AI assistant can live on your website, your phone line, an app, social media messenger, a smart speaker, or wherever you want it to, so you can always ask for an offer, on any channel.Property sales: making an offer via an ai assistant

Let customers explore your properties whenever they want to

AI never sleeps. It can never go off sick or turn up late. Using AI to draw in customers to your property listings means they will always have someone to speak with about your business, day or night, to see if you have just the place they’re looking for. Let your AI deal with anyone who’s browsing, so you’re free to help those who are ready to buy ― to do the best bit of all, matching people with homes where you know they’ll settle.

Our conversational AI platform is one of the most advanced around

Take a deep dive with us to see our AI platform. If finding new ways to find new customers is always on your mind, let us show you around the reef. When you’re busy with property viewings and answering questions about sales, it’s hard to find time to catch those leads that float away as a result. We’ll show you how quick and easy it is to start using AI today so you can put it straight to work and come up for some air.

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