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The CX Leader’s Ultimate Guide to Successful AI Projects

In this ultimate guide we examine 5 common mistakes identified from pilot projects of major banks, airlines and contact centres, how to avoid them and how CX and contact centre leaders can make the most of the technologies that are going to define the next generation of customer experience.

By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalising AI, driving a 5X increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures (Gartner, 2020). Yet many enterprises struggle to develop AI pilots into production, limiting their ability to realise AI’s potential business value. 

In this ultimate guide, we write candidly about our own experiences on the reality of working on AI projects over the last 6 years. The very real opportunities, and the ever-present risks to help you answer questions including:

  • Where do I start? 
  • How do I demonstrate ROI?
  • How do I measure success? 
  • How do I test in a real-world environment?
  • How do I ensure a successful roll-out?
  • How do I scale the benefits? 

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – George Santayana 

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