Benefit from happier customers, increased capacity and lower costs with an AI assistant on your website

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Achieve 533% ROI in 6 months

Achieve 533% ROI in 6 months

Anyone can create an AI assistant using our free platform. Discover how Barking and Dagenham council achieved 533% ROI in 6 months and saved over 10,000 calls and emails to their customer support team. On our platform there’s no engineering, no coding and no training required.

Happier customers, increased capacity and lower costs

Your devs are too busy to help

Shrinking engineering and IT resources are common everywhere. Even with a great team of devs you don’t want to add to their, normally huge, to-do list. ‘Artificial intelligence’ sounds like a very techy implementation but it’s not with our platform. The AI is taken care of in the background. AI Studio is designed for anyone that wants to create an AI assistant. It’s easy so you can build one with confidence.

Your customer service team are overwhelmed

The customer service team are often, simply put, stuck. Everyday they turn up and cope with the resources available to them even though better options are available. Some teams are missing up to 8 out of 9 calls – that’s almost 90% of customer enquiries gone. On average, our assistants handle 30% of enquiries whilst your contact centre is closed. Imagine the boost of morale in your contact centre team if a third of their days work was taken care of before they even logged on.

Frustrated customers look elsewhere

Frustration is felt across the board when customer experience is under-performing. From the Board of Directors, to the agents handling the enquiries, to your customers trying to get in touch; when things don’t go well patience doesn’t last long. Gain peace of mind knowing your customers have access to an assistant whenever they need it 24/7, in any language they wish. Allowing everyone to breathe a bit easier and relax a little more.

“Without our AI assistant Mia call volumes would have continued at an exceptionally high level. We are confident the system has saved us the equivalent of two additional heads due to us being open seven days a week... Honestly we couldn't have chosen a better company or solution for our AI based chat system.”

John Branigan


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“Coop wants to build a level of customer experience that is unparalleled in the Swedish retail marketplace. The work that EBI.AI is doing for us gives us a tool to build strong relationships with our customers and support them with an important part of their daily life.”

Amer Mohammad


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