Hire the best people and keep them with the help of an AI assistant

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Competition for talent is sky high, but we’re in uncertain times and every wage must count. A combination of human and artificial intelligence can help make sure you hire only the best people for the job and give them the space and time they need to do it well.

Wage wars. Bidding wars. The fight for staff. Hiring people has become associated with some pretty aggressive language. Higher staffing costs are a squeeze on your budget and poaching from rivals is a menace. It’s not been easy to stay competitive and attract the right staff.

In January 2022, The Guardian reported a complex list of concerns for human resources since covid hit, including staff shortages and wages growing to almost three times the rate of inflation. Companies are desperately trying to keep their senior staff and get new talent through the door. All the while with an urgent need to hire more people with digital skills as manual roles became redundant.

It sparked ‘The Great Resignation’ with people leaving their jobs in droves hoping to find something better. Yet by March 2022, Guardian reports were already beginning to question if The Great Resignation was turning into The Great Regret as people discover the grass isn’t always greener. The New Statesman suggests it’s simply people leaving jobs “probably for slightly better paid jobs doing much the same kind of thing,” but with “more options and choice”.

Nobody can know if the bidding war for talent is sustainable, if the changes will settle down, or how the list of HR concerns will continue to evolve over time. The only thing you can be certain of is the need for a stable solution to your staffing problems.

Using AI effectively to support you is a clear, solid choice.

Make every annual salary a worthwhile cost

When you launch a conversational AI assistant it doesn’t replace your staff. It replaces the need for your staff to spend their time on handling routine and repetitive tasks. Launch online in minutes and your AI assistant can start dealing with 85% of your everyday routine enquiries from day one.

From that day forward, your team can focus on doing the rewarding, challenging tasks they enjoy and are trained to do, using their unique skills to help push your business forward.

When you consider the true cost of hiring someone, that’s money better spent.

Average salary for a customer service agent:

£19,000 per year

+     Holiday and sickness pay

+     Pension contributions

+     HR induction and training costs

+     Equipment

+     Tax

+     Recruitment costs

=     The true cost of one customer service agent:

£26,000 per year*

Add a few benefits and you’re paying thousands of pounds more. Because in a talent crisis, the appreciation you show for your workers by offering perks or promoting workplace culture can matter as much to potential employees as the basic salary to keep them in the role.

+     Bonus

+     Healthcare

+     Benefits

+     Culture

Protect your team and your budget with a conversational AI assistant

“When an employee hands in their notice, it often costs a business more than that employee’s salary to recruit because of the expense of finding and training a replacement,” says HR News.

Thankfully, you only ever need to train your AI assistant to do a task once and it remembers it forever, taking on more and more tasks over time. And there’s no such thing as AI turnover; it won’t ever leave.

Your AI assistant can only grow more and more valuable to you the more you use it. At the same time, you’re rewarding your employees with the best work and the meatiest challenges to keep them satisfied in their jobs.

AI assistant clears more routine enquiries

Customers wait less time for a response

Customer satisfaction goes up

Employee job satisfaction increases too

AI and humans together make a dream team

AI and humans together make a dream team

Any member of your team can sign up online to create an AI assistant today; you don’t need any technical skill to do it.

Your AI assistant can handle tens of thousands of customer queries all at the same time with 100% accuracy 24 hours a day. It’ll never be off sick or take a holiday. It doesn’t make mistakes or worry about career progression; it just does the work it’s best at while your team has more time to get on with theirs.

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*Source: Reeds agency, Payscale, Total jobs, Indeed, Checkasalary