4 tasks an AI assistant can do for your HR and office management teams ― right now!

AI assistant for HR human resources

When you’re inundated with questions about holiday and tax and hybrid working, plus discussions about performance and pay and password resets, there’s little time for anything else. Use an AI assistant and you’ll soon be fully present to deal with the difficult, urgent, or more sensitive issues your teams rely on you for.

If human resources are in a team meeting, the office manager is stuck in traffic or offline, or there’s a sickness bug doing the rounds and you’re getting by on skeleton staff, people can still get answers to work-related questions. When you have an AI assistant on the team, there’s no interruption to your support.

1. Respond to holiday and sickness enquiries instantly

Link up your AI assistant with your holiday calendar through simple integration and it’ll be able to tell people how much annual leave they have left whenever they need to know. Even if it’s the middle of the night. Your AI assistant can go on to book or cancel holiday for them, too.

Using an AI assistant can also make it stress-free for team members to report sickness or absence, or simply check what the processes are. That way, everyone knows what to do when they’re not well enough to work or have to deal with an emergency ― take the stress out of the situation.

2. Offer real-time help with office facilities

It’s not only new team members who’ll sometimes need help to find their way around a building or understand how things work at your organisation. Things change. Use an AI assistant to keep everyone up to date, especially when they’re in a rush and need information urgently or find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.

HR AI assistant books meeting rooms
HR AI assistant sorts parking permits

3. Automate IT support to avoid hold-ups and frustration

Small issues can quickly become bigger problems if your team members can’t get help fast enough. Using an AI assistant to point people in the right direction or complete an urgent task for them helps nip things in the bud. It’s online 24 hours a day to assist your team with all sorts of technological troubles.

4. Show up-to-the-minute availability on any calendar system 24 hours a day

Whatever tools and processes you use to keep everyone organised, our advanced AI assistants can integrate with any calendar system. Spend less time updating calendars or spreadsheets. Give more time to thinking about new processes or systems that make your organisation more efficient than it’s ever been.

24/7 exceptional HR support using artificial intelligence

There are general questions about work and then there are complex, uncomfortable or delicate situations that need your expertise and empathy. Tackle it all by using your AI assistant to handle your routine enquiries, so you have more time and energy to deal with everything else.