AI for local councils (because it’s 2022)

In some ways, you’re no different to any other organisation. You want to get more done in less time. But in the public sector, you’re working on behalf of your whole community. It’s not just you that needs to benefit. You want to help make local government better for everyone who relies on you to keep the streets well lit. Take away household waste. And keep schools and hospitals well maintained.

That’s where an AI assistant becomes your new best friend.​

Community AI exists to help local council workers like you better serve your citizens. Using our conversational AI platform, you’ll be able to instantly answer their queries ― digitally. And learn more than you’ve ever been able to learn before about the people you serve. Because AI speeds everything up. You’ll have more information to make decisions and time to think them through.

Working alongside other neighbouring councils you share the load of building your own AI assistant. Since Local Councils all around the country have the same challenges as you (think waste collection and council tax queries) you have access to a bank of resources and an assistant with pre-built knowledge. This means your assistant will be more effective, smarter and cheaper by growing together alongside neighbouring Local Councils. But don’t worry we handle the technology you just shape it into the best service you’ve ever been able to give.

Why Coventry City Council joined Community AI

One group of council workers we helped through Community AI was feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. They were swamped by huge volumes of calls about council tax and waste management. Their assistant started to answer their calls with incredible accuracy. All that stress = gone.

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How Barking & Dagenham made 533% ROI in 6 months

Barking & Dagenham council launched an AI assistant to help with missed bin enquiries. They quickly hit a 98% success rate and expanded to five more departments, all in less than a year. In the first six months, they saved 10,000 calls. And since each one costs them £4.60, that’s a huge dent in council spending.

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We know AI can be confusing

Community AI shouldn’t be another task to add to your ever-growing to do list. We want you to enjoy it. So if you missed our blog post for local council employees, read it now and see if you recognise yourself or your colleagues. Then let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to find out.

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We do the tech, you build the relationship

Our AI platform

Our AI platform

Your assistant lives on our conversational AI platform in what we call the Reef. You can dive in any time to see what your AI assistant is up to. Take a look at the most popular topics of conversation it’s having with your citizens. Or see how many of those conversations are successful in solving the problem. Then tweak your AI to keep it working at peak performance, all from your own animated dashboard.​

Community AI gives you your own assistant, virtually, that you can grow and monitor to help reduce your workload, free up your time, as well as please the community you do all of this for. ​

Your AI works for you, not anyone else

Your AI works for you, not anyone else

Like any employee, you’ll want your digital assistant to focus on different things at different times. That’s why we’ve made sure you can make changes yourself, fast, to the AI. ​

You’ll find an easy way to add answers to common questions. And you’ll know exactly what to add based on our recommendations from actual conversations alongside your knowledge of your local citizens. You are in the driving seat of how to grow your assistant. All of this, built with your local council branding, so your AI feels, looks and sounds like yours.​

Help when you need it

Help when you need it

One of the most daunting things about launching any new online service is the amount of regulation you have to follow these days. You’re not alone in finding this hard going. GDPR. Accessibility. Compliance. It all sounds a bit scary when you face the pressures of making sure everything falls in line. The good news is because we provide a managed service, we keep your AI fully compliant. it means your AI is fully compliant when it goes live and we keep it that way for you. You don’t have to deal with any of the red tapes. ​

We keep an eye on your AI conversations, integrate your AI with other technology systems, and generally keep everything running tickety boo. Ask us any time for help.​

Need to go to tender?

Need to go to tender?

No problem. We’re all set up and ready to go on DPS and G-Cloud 12.

How it works

First, give some thought to what you need

One council has started answering calls when they’re not even in the office. Their AI assistant handled 35% of queries out of hours. Imagine coming into work the next day to find over 1/3 of your day already taken care of? What would be your dream?​

Meet with us

When you’re ready, we’ll set up a virtual 1-1 workshop to introduce Community AI and show you what it can do. You’ll chat with some of our team to explore this exciting new technology ― there’s no obligation, but when you see AI in action, you can really get your head around it.

Watch a personalised demo

Next, we roll out the (virtual) red carpet with a demo of Community AI built just for you and your local council. To recognise your challenges. Your needs. And anything else we spoke about in our first meeting. This is when you recognise the true impact of using AI day to day to get more done.

Think it through

We’ve spoken to a lot of public sector workers to make sure our platform works well for you, but like our AI assistants, we’re always learning. You’re bound to have questions. Worries, even. We’ll tackle all of those before you make a final decision to go digital now.

Meet your assistant

If you choose to add a digital assistant to your website, we’ll set it live within a few weeks.

Book a demo

Want to see how our platform works? We'd love to show you!