Case Study

Local Government AI Case Study

The team at EBI.AI developed two conversational AI assistants for a local government authority who were looking to innovate their customer service to reduce the number of costly frequently asked questions that their contact centre received.  

The result:  

35% of total queries were accurately resolved outside of the call centre hours by a 24/7 virtual assistant.

Within a month, 85% of queries to the virtual assistant were successfully resolved.

What you’ll learn from this case study:  

  • How to innovate customer self-service functions in the public sector  
  • The proof-of-concept (PoC) process to developing conversational AI solutions  

Listen to the recording below to hear an example of how the AI assistant can handle a missed bin collection. 


In a phone interview with the Head of Customer Services, we learned more about the project and his experience with EBI.AI. Find out why he took on this project, how the assistant managed to reduce contact volume during the PoC, and what it was like innovating with EBI.AI. 


Download the Local Government AI Case Study now.

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